Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have witnessed more snow this past week in Arkansas than I ever saw before. It made me think I was back in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I had 8 inches on the porch. Growing up I would have loved it. I remember my dad throwing snowballs at us while we were playing out back of the restaurant. those were fun days.

Carl told me they hockeyuse to play ice hockey on Lake Michigan every chance they could sneak away from school. Of course they always got caught and hauled back to school. We never sneaked out because our fathers punishment was worse than the schools.

C’s dog Chili was fun to watch in the snow. He would put his head down in the snow and push until he had snow on his snout and then shake his head trying to get it off. Animals are great entertainment. The other day I tried to go to bible study and couldn’t get off my porch. It was so slippery I couldn’t get any traction on the bottom of my shoes to make the steps down. I do have a ramp but that was also icy.

When we had our Chris craft boat on Lake Texoma it got so cold one night that no matter what we did we couldn’t get warm enough so the next day when we got in port we made arrangements for winter storage. It is really something to watch barnacleshow they hoist the large boats out of the water for winter storage. Most boats need to be cleaned and the bottoms painted with anti fowling paint. I was told this past week that they have discovered a coating that will keep the barnacles off the bottom of the boat. I bet a lot of boat owners are happy about that. Boating was a new experience for me but to Carl it was old hat.

The news of the day with violence in Egypt and other parts od the Middle East sure makes me thankful I live in America brought to mind how nothing changed much since my father’ mother hid him so the Turks would take him from her to fight. They still are fighting. There is no place like America.

I had to stop because my computer was acting up to renew  things I didn’t want to renew, and it was showing the bar with  things that were not familiar to me. C told me every time the machine updates familiar things change and I have to get accustomed with the new bar all over again. I do not like the changes and I wish they wouldn’t do it. It takes me for ever to complete a new post as it is. I see I just wiped out a whole paragraph I had just written so here I go again as I am learning to be patient with myself,

I went to the medical doctor yesterday and found out I am healthy because the blood work reveals that I am. It is very satisfying that they agree with me. I do have to admit I hate growing older. I am hearing so much how to stay healthy that I could have told them, everything in moderation and you don’t need to deny yourself anything. It worked for me.

Carl loved to eat and I loved to cook and we both like to enjoy food. He also like to make gumbo (without Okra). and Last week I gumbowas invited out and enjoyed some of the best gumbo with okra and it made me remember my honey. I am so happy that he is not living to hear of all the evil that is going on in the world today. 

The weather these past days have been pleasant. It is nice not having to wear a heavy coat. I let chili inside and he doesn’t last long because he get too warm. I can take the warm weather better than the cold.

There appeared on my email inbox with the name of a close friend, but the email was gobbled goop That didn’t make sense and come to find out they didn’t send it so I deleted it. Boy you can’t be to careful.

One day while living in Muncie Carl and I supported a political  candidate who was running for congress and I hope he makes a run for the white house. He is young, honest and conservative that is making his mark for the betterment of our nation. I hope all of you out there are keeping up with the world situation. Our men need to stand up and be counted. We are getting too many females in our leadership position and I am sorry ladies, I don’t like it. My church denomination went down the tubes when the women got in the priesthood. They weren’t satisfied just to be a part of the body they just plain took over and many people left.  I was  one who left. The denomination is still floundering.

I am happy to say I walk with God daily. He supplies my need and helps me through my sorrows and I can’t ask for more than that.

Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Immigrant daughter 64

Back to a glimpse of another memory of my past. Carl and I had so many good years amuncie housend I remember that one day a voice from his past came calling. We were living in Muncie at the time and the phone rang and I said hello this is the Moody residence and there was a hesitant voice asking “Is this where Conrad  lives?”. And after a few questions back and forth I put Carl on the phone to talk. When Carl finished talking he had such a glow on his face when he sat down and told me this.

When growing up in one of the foster homes he was befriended by another foster child who was adopted. This boy lost touch with the others because his new parents moved out of the mid west to another region. He, like Carl, never forgot his past and he was  trying to find some of the other kids he remembered growing up with. When checking back with the Children’s  Aid Society and other agencies he found out about Carl who was also inquiring about his past. I am not sure about all the particulars but he found out that Carl lived in Muncie. He made a phone call to find out if the Carl who lived here was the Conrad who lived at a particular place many years ago. And from there this voice of the past came alive and brought a flood of tears and remembrance of part of his life he had long forgotten.

carl c with books

Carl told me he had forgotten this, because this boy was adopted and he had not because Carl was unruly and wild and did not take correction well. Carl told me all this was true because he was told nobody cared whether he lived or died. This man who called was a  boy who befriended when Carl  when they growing up and he remembered him after all these many years wondering what happened to him. Isn’t it strange how the Lord brings to light things long forgotten?

Carl invited him to come out to the house for a visit after finding out he was passing through on his way to California. This young man grew up and became successful in engineering with a large firm. He stopped  by for a minute on his way to California which turned out to be quite an enlightening visit. The visit lasted several hours filling in some of Carl’s past.

It was great for me because I heard things that are not written in any of Carl’s record.

When we lived in Little Rock while our kids were growing up we lived there right before the eruption of the school system between blacks and whites. We lived on the outskirts of town and sort of missed all the problems of the inner schools. There were blacks in the school but not that many and all kids were treated the same at least where we lived.

Some of the things they are showing  in the news we lived through them without any mishaps. My DIL and her mother and I went to see The Kings Speech and it was excellent. There again her mother and I remembered very well living at the time of  this crisis  England was having with the King giving up the throne to marry  a divorced woman.

If you have not seen it you a missing some history  very well done, because the movie casting was excellent and the story true.

I haven’t been to see many movies because there are very few worth seeing. They just don’t make the westerns as they used to be and when they remake any movies too much garbage is added. I realize this is kind of short and sweet But its raining and it is getting dark outside even though it is in the afternoon.

This new month was Carl's’  birthday month and one birthday I gave him a surprise party even though he is gone he is not forgotten at least by me.SUperBowlXLV-1

Well this weekend is super bowl time and I will enjoy watching and eating popcorn having as good a time by myself as best as I can. So until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.