Monday, May 9, 2011


I have arrived safe and sound from a delightful passage of time in the present day. But want to tell you about some of the other enjoyable times in my life. We grew up with rules in the household, in the nation and in school. We also were taught not to speak unless spoken to.

No wonder our nation is going rampant against authority. We the people are allowing others to tear down our principles. As I listened and watched the nightly news I was shocked at some of the things I heard. It seems this future election is bringing  the worst people out in front. We worked every election we would  in the polls or by our support of our party candidate.  Here is  one of my favorites.  


How do these people who are objecting to our constitution think they got the privilege to object in the first place?  I shudder when I think that they want to give illegals the right to vote. They have no right even to be here. We should start collecting them up and put them out to sea in the vicinity of where the pirates are.

Now, I know this is extreme, but its’ time we called a halt to letting a few disgruntles trying to change the rules to suit themselves. We are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. No matter what our age we better start getting involved.

Getting back to my story. Carl decided to run for a local office when we lived in Little Rock  long time ago.

carl working in cloverdale

carl for city manager

We always registered to vote no matter where we lived. In fact there was one place we lived when I registered They had to get the book out of moth balls so that I could sign it. Of course you realize I am exaggerated a bit. We always wanted to be a part of the community we lived in. I remember when we lived in Guam I we had absentee ballots. We were proud to be American.

My father was in politics and I can remember in the restaurant he would argue with his customers frequently. The “never argued with the customer” did not apply here. Carl and I were on the other side than he, but he never tried to convert us.

My mom and dad had a house on Pleasant Street that was two stories with an attic and a basement. We had lots of room to run up and down the stairs. It had a crystal chandelier that five layers of hanging crystals attached to a five sided sliver plated frame. We always seem to take our pictures under it.  Here in this picture is my three sisters and my uncle George.


My oldest sister is in the middle and I think she was nineteen years old. They belonged to the Eastern Star and I remembered wanting to join when I was old enough. The evening gowns were beautiful.

The next picture is of the four of us when I was old enough. The picture also includes a picture on the wall of mom who had died when I was twelve. My dad was proud indeed on how we turned out.

four sisters eastern star

Memories are great to go back to. And until next time I am, Immigrant Daughter

Monday, May 2, 2011


holy land experienceI mentioned in my 69 post about The Holy Land Experience and when I went to ladies Bible study this week someone mentioned a display came through at the Arts Center, Little Rock that pertained to the Tabernacle. She asked if anyone had seen it. After discussion I asked if anyone had gone to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. There was one of the ladies that even knew what it was but had not gone . Believe me I was flabbergasted because it was been  years since Carl and I have been there. It has been at least six or seven years. This would be an ideal time to see it during the Easter season. I just assumed that some had seen it. I guess you can never assume that people have been to places you have been to.

It came to me again how blessed I am of seeing so many different places in our country. My grandson stopped by to drop off my mail so I wouldn’t have to drive down to pick it up. With a walker it is difficult because of rocks to walk but no problem to drive  up and get it. He sat for a few minutes to chat. He asked me a couple “Why don’t you questions?” of me doing this or that. I told him there aren’t any old ladies out here that like what I do. He said I am not the only 80 year old out here and he is sure there are others and instructed he is going to find some. Believe me I won’t hold my breath on that statement. I found out sometime ago not many like sports, let alone old ladies.

This morning I woke up with something I remembered saying in Greek when we didn’t want any one else to understagreeknd. Some people are puffed up with their own importance and when you are mentioning the incident to a family member you would say it in Greek because translated to English is little t—d. Now Carl thought that was so funny he wanted to learn how to say it in Greek, I tried to teach him but he just couldn’t roll his tongue right to get the accent. So every  time he tried we laughed at way he said it more than what he was trying to say. I can’t imagine what ever brought that to mind waking up from a night’s sleep. I really don’t remember my dreams. Cindy tells me we dream every night even though we can’t remember what we dreamed

I remember my mother doing a lot of baking for our religious holiday. We did not get baskets with chocolate bunnies or even jelly beans. The one thing I remember best was the Greek Easter Bread she made. I can still remember the taste. It has a different texture than sandwich bread and tastes good plain or toasted with her jam. Of course we had our Koolouas cookies that we helped make. Here are pictures of the Koolouas and the Easter Bread with the one red egg in it.  All our Easter Eggs were Red when I was growing up to symbolize the Blood of Christ.

cookies                          easter bread

I hope I am not boring you with my family memories of when I grew up. I was so blessed to have had a father and mother who stayed together all their lives and giving us a foundation of living believing in God.

Does anyone have a pet peeve like I do. When I buy bananas I make sure they are not mushy, but firm and yellow. I eat a bananabananas   cheerios

every day with cheerios for breakfast. The peeve I have is when you slice the banana down to the end a dark center line appears that looks like a worm. Yuk!! That is one thing I will do for myself to make sure my banana is all yellow. I have to admit I am a bit spoiled after living in Guam where we could get them from the trees. There was always someone who could climb the very tall tree for pocket change.

Dad and mom sold pies they made in the restaurant but tastykakefor breakfast they purchased from the bread man wrapped goodies that can be stacked on the counter. The one I remember liking the best was a Tasty Kake that came 12 packages to the box. They also had an item called crumpets. That had two crumpets in each package, They each were two fingers wide were about 4 inches long with butterscotch icing on yellow cake. He also had on his truck sliced oblong pound cake each piece was individually wrapped. The slice was about 8 inches wide and quarter inch depth. The box held 12 pieces of yellow pound cake. Customers loved to have us toast the pieces to enjoy with coffee. 

Then a & psuper markets cutting into the delivery to individual small business’ like dads’ restaurant. They just plain stopped  servicing little accounts like ours. This was called progress. Eventually as time progresses things change. Where is the A & P store now? In the little town I grew up in the store no longer exists.

Like everything else time moves on not by train or auto but rotation of the sun around the moon.

Here in Arkansas we experienced several days of tornados and damage. I believe the last record I heard was 200 deaths and severe wind damage. My DIL wanted me to come and stay with  her once or twice, but I declined, I felt the Lord will protect me no matter where I am and if  it’s my time so be it. We had such a pelting of rain it is going to take weeks to dry out. I believe we live in kind of a bowl, we are at the base of the mountain sort of protected.

But, I will say I was without phone service for three days and electricity for 20 hours. Now we have electricity but no phone.  Now that is an inconvenience because we are without water because the well pump stops. This really happens so seldom and I do not like it.

I wish you all blessings that only God can bring. Until next time I am Immigrant Daughter.

Monday, April 4, 2011


There comes a time when what seemed so important is not as important now in this time of my life.

I was reflecting back in time when Carl and I were rushing to get to his new job and having to do this or that before we could leave. Our lives were centered on his job and new place to live and as I compare this to my life now my life is at a standstill. I am thinking how grateful I am that my life did slow down.

One day Carl wanted to go to Law School and after seeing the schedule my DIL keeps I am so glad he did not. She came in so exhausted last evening and told me she was headed to bed. Her dog Chili was so glad to see her that I am sure she had to give him some attention. Some times animals are more demanding than children.

holy land experienceCarl planned a trip for us to go to Orlando, Florida to see the Holy Land Experience that is a replica of the buildings in Jerusalem that were up in the time of Christ.

This is a theme park you walk around and go in different buildings and see The Holy of Holies. The Tabernacle and the Temple. This followed the Bible and was done by the Zions Hope Ministry that we had contributed holy land experience 1to many times. We were there in the first week of the opening of the park.

As I was watching one of our news channel I saw that a storm with high wind velocity ripped thru that part of Florida. I tried to see on the TV just what was the extent of the damage but could not tell. If you are planning any vacation believe me Orlando is worth going to see. It seems our weather can not be predictable so take all kinds of clothing.

After we spent a few days  in Orlando we tried to go to the East Coast to see if we could find a cousin I had on my fathers’ side of my family. Her husband was a Commander in the U.S. Navy. We never did connect with them so we went on just site seeing Florida.  We also had another ministry we supported called Pioneers which supported Christians in foreign countries. We got a tour of their facilities and could have a position of being a working volunteer on the premises. But we had decided long ago that Florida for us is not a choice place to live. I am so sorry we did not get there with our children.

My older sister complained about she never got to travel PaidHouseand see things I was privileged to see. But I told her staying in one place she has a house paid for and that is a plus in life. I couldn’t help it if she married a man who never cared to see or do anything different. I mentioned before that we lived in seventeen different homes mortgagethat we never really owned. The bank did and we always had to sell them to get our down payment out for the next place.

There was not any place we lived that we did not like. I will say this Carl liked the coastal waters the best. There came a time in our life when our country faced shortages of many different kinds. Carl then became interested in survival . He had and read all kinds of books on food storage and shelf life. You do know that the food for storage is a nitrogen packed. Howard Ruff wrote many of the leading books.

We purchased special packed food by the case and had one room just for this. We had milk, flour, oats, wheat and different kinds of beans. We purchased a special grinder that worked both on electricity and a handle to fit if electricity was out. We had purchased enough food to family and others. Their storage life was twenty five years plus.

After carting this food around many years it seemed as though the crisis pasted. When we were in charge of the food pantry in Indiana we started to open the boxes of oatmeal and milk survivalto pass on to large families in need of food. They had to be large families because these were packed in large number 10 cans. It made us pleased to contribute the food to those in need.

I sort of see a trend today that is creeping in that we import so much from other countries that very little is made in the good ole U.S.A. I for one look to see where the item is made and if it isn’t from our country I do without. Our country is facing a made in usacrisis that people want the government to support them and they not work to help themselves. Boy I am glad my dad who came from Greece to the free world isn’t alive to see all the free loaders.

Immigration has no rules they want in and want to bring in their own language and not learn a thing about the U.S.A.

Until next time, I am, Immigrant Daughter.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


When Carl and I moved to Arkansas a long time ago we were told of ticks and to make sure we checked ourselves over before goinggreen head fly to bed. Now we were aware of pests because New Jersey has the biggest greenhead flies and mosquitos both that bite.

Carl was a man with a light ruddy complexion and I myself  have an olive tickscomplexion.  I was constantly picking ticks off of him.

Every place on earth has its season when pests prevail certain times of the year and here in Arkansas has one of the least desired one when the ticks are “in”.

pinesMy mobile home is surrounded by Pine trees  and I believe that is their breeding spot. I don’t know this for certain but it’s as good guess as any.

My metal carport is close to the house so when I pull my car under it I don’t have to walk but a few steps to get to the ramp or steps to the porch to get in. The mobile home sits parallel to the woods which is only ten feet away and DIL’s dog Chili lays right at the edge of the woods so he can car canopysurvey the woods for critters he might like to chase and still see me park.

The other day it was warm and windy and when I came in from the women’s Bible study.  As soon as I was under the carport and opened the door Chili was right there and put his head in my lap chili on porchto be petted. He  loves the attention and I love to give it to him.

I always have a chore getting my groceries in because I have to stop close to the porch and open the trunk to get the groceries out and lift them on the porch which is about chest high. I then put the car under the carport and get out. I did all this and after petting Chili I came in and put the groceries away. I had lunch and sat down on the couch feeling completely exhausted. This little chore tires me out.

My shoulder had an itch on it where I couldn’t reach and after trying and trying I finally got up and got an old bamboo back scratchier we purchased many years when we lived in Southern California. Well I scratched and seemed to be reaching the spot okay and didn’t think much about it until later. back scratcher

I was preparing for bed and my shoulder had an itch at the same spot (I certainly missed not having my bed buddy.) where I couldn’t see if anything was on my back shoulder. I finally got some rubbing alcohol and pour some on my shoulder so it could run over the spot I had been scratching relentlessly. I went to bed and didn’t think much about it. I awakened about two hours later and I was itching and itching so it was at that time I remembered Oh yes it’s tick season time.

I stood in front of the large bathroom mirror and held a small mirror to see if I could see anything. I used the back scratchier with and alcohol swab wedged in the prongs and I scratched away. I finally did see a black speck on my back and I doused  it good with alcohol because I did remember ticks do not like the cotton squaresstuff and they will retreat from the hold they have on you. I finally was making headway but I still could not reach it with my hand. I remembered I had a long tweezers  somewhere and after searching  I finally found it. I reached back using the wall mirror  and finally reached that pest with my extended fingers and pull it out. I still have a welt where it bit me but I don’t itch any more. I am much relieved and finally went back to bed. This process took an hour at least.

I am much annoyed with myself because I let myself be pestered all day and didn’t remember the solution as soon as I should. I guess age does have it’s limitations.

I have been enjoying watching the college March Madness bbasketballasket ball down to the sweet sixteen. So far a couple of my favorites are still in the running. It has been such a good tournament that it is anybody's guess who will win.

I do enjoy watching sports. One thing for sure you won’t  see people disrobing and jumping in bed together. In the sports world baseball is beginning.  It is hard to keep up with that sport because they have increased their number of teams in the league that it isn’t interesting until it comes down to the World Series. It is impossible for me to remember them all so I wait until the series and then pick a team to root for.

I remember baseball of years past with fondness because it was when Carl came into my life then. Back then Dad always had a radio on for the customers that came into the restaurant. Baseball was very popular, and everyone liked to listen and young men and boys played on the local teams. I remember telling you that Dad hit the ball over the barn and broke the window in the doctor’s house and then ran back in the store and left my brothers to take the blame.

Needless to say our country was a good place to grow up. Getting back to my story. I was seventeen and asked out to go to a baseball game to see the Philadelphia A’s  play a night game. As fate would have it a sailor who came in the restaurant also asked me to go. I would have liked to go with him too so I had to think of how to go with both. I asked B the customer if he would not mind if Carl came with us if he had his own date and he said yes. You have to remember this was a small town and customers got to know each other because of conversation going on in the restaurant. You see a waitress couldn’t neglect or favor custojimmy foxxmers.

So a friend from school came to be Carl’s date. Customer B had the car so we all met in the restaurant so my Dad could see there were four of us going to the night game in Philadelphia. All four of us had a good time because the A’s won and we ate hotdogs and popcorn and rooted for the old home team.

The picture above is Jimmy Foxx who played for the A’s.

So whenever I hear the song “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” Itake me out to the ball game have loving memories of the Lord letting me have the best of the ballgame and Carl too. I share these glimpses of my life for my children to look into my past of things I might not have shared with them. I can’t remember.

Until next time, I Am IMMIGRANT DAUGHTER.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last Sunday it was so cold here in Arkansas that I had to wear my winter coat, something I have not done thus far. When I was in Pennsylvania whenever I wore it I received so many compliments. I bought this coat out of  one of the many catalogs we had coming to us in the mail. Carl loved to get mail even if is what I call “junk Mail”. This stemmed way back to his Alzheimer's and with that I had to intercept his not sending checks. I have had to return many items.

I’m getting the catalogs still because some just refuse to stop. I needed a warmer coat so I started looking at the catalogs and I saw this beautiful blue coat and decided it would perk me up a little because I never had a blue coat. Well it did because whenever I wore it with the hat and scarf the same color I received many compliments. One of my friends took a picture and this is what I looked like three years ago.

catherine in blue coat

Well I wore it for the first time here in Arkansas and I received the compliments about the color and how nice it looked and I thanked the Lord for His blessing.

When we lived in Dallas Carl traveled to visit the men who worked the territory he had to supervise and was gone Monday thru Thursday. Our kids were in college and/or married and I had nothing to do. I started looking for work that did not require to work weekends.

I began working for an insurance agency.  The agency had several sandyagents who worked out of the main agency. One of these men raised German Shepherd dogs and he was selling the last litter of dogs and asked if I wanted one. He knew I liked dogs because that is the place Carl gave me Sandy the Smooth Hair Fox Terrier as a gift and I shared this bit of news with the agency. I asked him the amount he wanted? His answer surprised me when he said  he wanted to give me the mother because he needed to close down his kennel. I told him just as long as I could have her spayed. He said that is okay he just wanted to find a home that would love her . This dog had been more of a pet.

german shepherd

We did take her  because we had our small back yard all fenced in because of Sandy.  This dog was so laid back that  she tolerated Sandy as the alpha dog. Going to dog training was an unique experience.  Carl and I took them to training class and had lots of fun. Our family increased.We named the dog Nitch.

I want to mention a little  bit about insurance. If you have children old enough to marry please encourage them to take out whole life insurance on each other as a safe guard. I know it was a godsend for me when Carl died. If they have children then especially on the children as they are born because the premium is smaller. As the policy comes of age you can cash it in or leave it  on file and keep on paying for their life. Or give it to them and they can reinvest it as owners and they get to name their own beneficiary. The younger age you are makes the premium cheaper.

I noticed an ad in the newspaper to buy insurance for your pet. I am afraid I draw the line on that. not that I don’t value my pets life but that opens up a can of worms, Can you imagine getting  a death certificate for a dog or cat. I just snicker at the cost. I just finished paying a funeral home for my own demise for when it happens, Funerals are not cheap even when you don’t want  anything but a cheap, cheap funeral.

When I was driving to church Sunday I want to tell you I felt I was driving on the Lord’s canvas of beautiful color. We have blooming bradford-pearsat this time Bradford Pear tree, the Redbud trees and bushes, yellow forsythia bushes and yellow daffodils and a blue ground cover I don’t know. It is beautiful picture as I drove.

Daylight saving time was yesterday and jumping forward doesn’t give us any more time like some people think it just a push and pull of the mechanism of the clock. I see I am near the end  and want to say, until next time I am, Immigrant Daughter.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have been putting a  Thomas Kinkade  1000 piece puzzle  together that is a beautiful winter scene in the alps of a whole village. I will admit that it is very challenging because as you know Thomas Kinkade paints with so many colors and shades that it is hard to separate in colors in groups. I have received this for Christmas and really enjoy  putting  it together. I just finished it.  This is what it looks like.

                                                                                     kincaide puzzle

I remember many years ago we sent my sister and her husband a puzzle that was a picture of the four of us. It is amazing what they reproduce in a puzzle format. I love Blue Birds and think the picture of the Blue Bird that looks mad and frumpy is one of my bluebirdsfavorites because Carl and I had a birdhouse for them when we first moved here. We use to sit on the porch and watch them come and go building their nest. 


Country life can be very relaxing but you have to like being alone. I have been asked; “How can you stand it away from people? “ I know we like it because we had each other. I am still having to adjust being alone. Now dogs take up the slack.

I am glad The Kings Speech won best picture, and best actor and actress Oscar awards last night. I don’t see many movies but when I do I am glad they were good choices.

I have been watching some very old movies on cable and I am surprised that there are so many I haven’t seen. The war movies are always good. It seems to me there won’t be any of todays crop that will be memorable.

I have two grandsons who have birthdays this month and it turns out it’s the oldest 30 and the youngest 16, of different children. If I hadn’t felt old before I do now. I told the youngest I can remember my 16th birthday very well because I received a gold stretch band that was a Lily that circled around my wrist that I still have. On my 30th Carl took me out to dinner and gave me a gold horse pin which I still have. I must admit I don’t remember many of the in-between  birthdays.

My father gave me a locket that mom wore that  he had given her. It is a gold heart shape that opens up and had his picture on one side and moms on the other.You can’t see it, but Mom is wearing the locket in the picture below.   I still have it also. Memories are so good to remember when the individuals have passed on.

christos early picture         jewelry

Also this February my oldest sister who is living, she and her husband celebrated their 61st wedding  anniversary. From the picture it indicates the weather was warm for February in New Jersey way back then. They still live in the same house.  

marie wedding

A friend sent an email with pictures of ice burgs on lake  Michigan were beautiful and huge.   Here are a few of them below.


I went also and had my tax return done and filed electronically.  It cost almost same as last year.

I have seen many winter pictures but the one that wins the prize was an Amish farmer pulled an empty milk container truck out of a ditch that he slid in.   He was very skeptical and when the farmer hitched his four horse team to the truck and pulled it out. They were large like the AnHauser Bush Clydesdales.

amish horses

I am enjoying life even though it is not quite the way I would   say is ideal but God knows what’s best for me, I want to get his posted so Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have witnessed more snow this past week in Arkansas than I ever saw before. It made me think I was back in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I had 8 inches on the porch. Growing up I would have loved it. I remember my dad throwing snowballs at us while we were playing out back of the restaurant. those were fun days.

Carl told me they hockeyuse to play ice hockey on Lake Michigan every chance they could sneak away from school. Of course they always got caught and hauled back to school. We never sneaked out because our fathers punishment was worse than the schools.

C’s dog Chili was fun to watch in the snow. He would put his head down in the snow and push until he had snow on his snout and then shake his head trying to get it off. Animals are great entertainment. The other day I tried to go to bible study and couldn’t get off my porch. It was so slippery I couldn’t get any traction on the bottom of my shoes to make the steps down. I do have a ramp but that was also icy.

When we had our Chris craft boat on Lake Texoma it got so cold one night that no matter what we did we couldn’t get warm enough so the next day when we got in port we made arrangements for winter storage. It is really something to watch barnacleshow they hoist the large boats out of the water for winter storage. Most boats need to be cleaned and the bottoms painted with anti fowling paint. I was told this past week that they have discovered a coating that will keep the barnacles off the bottom of the boat. I bet a lot of boat owners are happy about that. Boating was a new experience for me but to Carl it was old hat.

The news of the day with violence in Egypt and other parts od the Middle East sure makes me thankful I live in America brought to mind how nothing changed much since my father’ mother hid him so the Turks would take him from her to fight. They still are fighting. There is no place like America.

I had to stop because my computer was acting up to renew  things I didn’t want to renew, and it was showing the bar with  things that were not familiar to me. C told me every time the machine updates familiar things change and I have to get accustomed with the new bar all over again. I do not like the changes and I wish they wouldn’t do it. It takes me for ever to complete a new post as it is. I see I just wiped out a whole paragraph I had just written so here I go again as I am learning to be patient with myself,

I went to the medical doctor yesterday and found out I am healthy because the blood work reveals that I am. It is very satisfying that they agree with me. I do have to admit I hate growing older. I am hearing so much how to stay healthy that I could have told them, everything in moderation and you don’t need to deny yourself anything. It worked for me.

Carl loved to eat and I loved to cook and we both like to enjoy food. He also like to make gumbo (without Okra). and Last week I gumbowas invited out and enjoyed some of the best gumbo with okra and it made me remember my honey. I am so happy that he is not living to hear of all the evil that is going on in the world today. 

The weather these past days have been pleasant. It is nice not having to wear a heavy coat. I let chili inside and he doesn’t last long because he get too warm. I can take the warm weather better than the cold.

There appeared on my email inbox with the name of a close friend, but the email was gobbled goop That didn’t make sense and come to find out they didn’t send it so I deleted it. Boy you can’t be to careful.

One day while living in Muncie Carl and I supported a political  candidate who was running for congress and I hope he makes a run for the white house. He is young, honest and conservative that is making his mark for the betterment of our nation. I hope all of you out there are keeping up with the world situation. Our men need to stand up and be counted. We are getting too many females in our leadership position and I am sorry ladies, I don’t like it. My church denomination went down the tubes when the women got in the priesthood. They weren’t satisfied just to be a part of the body they just plain took over and many people left.  I was  one who left. The denomination is still floundering.

I am happy to say I walk with God daily. He supplies my need and helps me through my sorrows and I can’t ask for more than that.

Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Immigrant daughter 64

Back to a glimpse of another memory of my past. Carl and I had so many good years amuncie housend I remember that one day a voice from his past came calling. We were living in Muncie at the time and the phone rang and I said hello this is the Moody residence and there was a hesitant voice asking “Is this where Conrad  lives?”. And after a few questions back and forth I put Carl on the phone to talk. When Carl finished talking he had such a glow on his face when he sat down and told me this.

When growing up in one of the foster homes he was befriended by another foster child who was adopted. This boy lost touch with the others because his new parents moved out of the mid west to another region. He, like Carl, never forgot his past and he was  trying to find some of the other kids he remembered growing up with. When checking back with the Children’s  Aid Society and other agencies he found out about Carl who was also inquiring about his past. I am not sure about all the particulars but he found out that Carl lived in Muncie. He made a phone call to find out if the Carl who lived here was the Conrad who lived at a particular place many years ago. And from there this voice of the past came alive and brought a flood of tears and remembrance of part of his life he had long forgotten.

carl c with books

Carl told me he had forgotten this, because this boy was adopted and he had not because Carl was unruly and wild and did not take correction well. Carl told me all this was true because he was told nobody cared whether he lived or died. This man who called was a  boy who befriended when Carl  when they growing up and he remembered him after all these many years wondering what happened to him. Isn’t it strange how the Lord brings to light things long forgotten?

Carl invited him to come out to the house for a visit after finding out he was passing through on his way to California. This young man grew up and became successful in engineering with a large firm. He stopped  by for a minute on his way to California which turned out to be quite an enlightening visit. The visit lasted several hours filling in some of Carl’s past.

It was great for me because I heard things that are not written in any of Carl’s record.

When we lived in Little Rock while our kids were growing up we lived there right before the eruption of the school system between blacks and whites. We lived on the outskirts of town and sort of missed all the problems of the inner schools. There were blacks in the school but not that many and all kids were treated the same at least where we lived.

Some of the things they are showing  in the news we lived through them without any mishaps. My DIL and her mother and I went to see The Kings Speech and it was excellent. There again her mother and I remembered very well living at the time of  this crisis  England was having with the King giving up the throne to marry  a divorced woman.

If you have not seen it you a missing some history  very well done, because the movie casting was excellent and the story true.

I haven’t been to see many movies because there are very few worth seeing. They just don’t make the westerns as they used to be and when they remake any movies too much garbage is added. I realize this is kind of short and sweet But its raining and it is getting dark outside even though it is in the afternoon.

This new month was Carl's’  birthday month and one birthday I gave him a surprise party even though he is gone he is not forgotten at least by me.SUperBowlXLV-1

Well this weekend is super bowl time and I will enjoy watching and eating popcorn having as good a time by myself as best as I can. So until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


snow It has been a week since I last posted and weather wise a lot has happened. Here in Arkansas we have had freezing weather and six inches of snow and for me that is more than I have seen since living up north.

It is a bit of  an in convenience  for me for me not being able to drive myself around and therefore I am a shut in. I really don’t mind being alone but I must tell you of an incident I experienced this  past holiday.

Since my better half passed on three years ago it really hit me low. I became very depressed and not liking myself at all. When I snapped out of it after going to the doctor and asking for sshut inome help just to get over the bumps in the road. I am not a willing pill taker. I did not get to see my regular doctor and had to see an associate in the clinic. Not liking it but accepting it. The doctor was either Indian or or Hindu and I had to give him a complete run down of my medical history. This is why I want to stick to just one doctor. Even though my medical history is in the computer he asked me all the usual questions because he was too lazy to read it ahead of time.

I can go on about what a bummer this visit turned out to be but I pills took the script he prescribed and left. I mailed it in to my mail order pharmacy and when I got it back I started taking it. I never read the contra indications of the drug just the directions of when and how to take it. That was my first mistake. Mistake number two would show my prejudices and that is not good.

One day while getting bills ready to be paid I all ways go through the the extra junk paper to throw away so it won’t pile up. I started to read the rest of the information that came with the drug he prescribed and realized this is an indicative drug you can never stop and my brain went WHOA and no wine or drinkwine of any kind. I immediately weaned myself off this off this by cutting the pill in half and taking it every other day until it was gone.

I am not a habitual drinker but I do like a glass of wine or even two and for me not to be able to indulge at all would be adding to the problem I went to eliminate. I can remember my better half was a pill pusher selling drugs to the doctors and hospitals and he told me so many things to avoid and drugs like this was one of them.

phone I called my mail order pharmacy and had to go through the rigger  ma roll of trying to talk to a real person and not a machine. That is another pet peeve I have calling and trying to reach someone to talk to and being told don’t hang up you call is important to us and leave us hanging on to battle the machine and finally get the “leave you name, age and why you are calling and someone will get back to0 you”. This makes you having to stay glued to the house until they call back like my time is not important as important as theirs.

When I did get a call back and was put through to a person I told them not to send this drug to me ever again and explained to them why.  They said they understand and would wipe it from my crutch record. They did confirm the danger of  the addict ion to this drug.  Most of my life has been spent of having to take insulin to live and I wasn’t needing another crutch to live on. I know people that think pills are the answer, but I do not

Well I am over the depression state now that the holidays are over and I feel great not perfect but just great.

I received four puzzles for Christmas all different and I started to put one together. A thousand pieces will keep me busy for several weeks. In between I am enjoying the sports and getting ready for March madness in college basketball. I do have a couple of favorites.

Carl and I loved to watch all the teams play but we did want the favorites end the year in the top so we could root root for the home team. He always like the big ten schools and I always liked Pennsylvania and East Coast teams. We would have lots of fun kidding each other while enjoying our beer and popcorn watching the game. I can’t explain the inner pleasure we had but I can tell you I miss that when I am watching the games by myself. The march-madness-2010 weekends were relaxing times for us because it was special.

My home is small but comfortable and the saying “a place for everything and everything in its’ place. I have a small plastic tool box on my two drawer file cabinet that has wheels I have the small tools like hammer, pliers, level and the like. They all have my initials on the handle. I had to do this because Carl was great for not being able to find his tools half of the time because he would lend them out to  anyone and never get them back. So I kept my own tool for the house so  that I could find what I needed to hang a picture or what ever I needed a tool for.

We really were compatible and blessed that the Lord Jesus put us together to share our lives. I know this more now that he is gone and I am still here. And yes, I am not in the state of depression.

Without the Lord I would be. Until next time I am Immigrant Daughter.