Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last Sunday it was so cold here in Arkansas that I had to wear my winter coat, something I have not done thus far. When I was in Pennsylvania whenever I wore it I received so many compliments. I bought this coat out of  one of the many catalogs we had coming to us in the mail. Carl loved to get mail even if is what I call “junk Mail”. This stemmed way back to his Alzheimer's and with that I had to intercept his not sending checks. I have had to return many items.

I’m getting the catalogs still because some just refuse to stop. I needed a warmer coat so I started looking at the catalogs and I saw this beautiful blue coat and decided it would perk me up a little because I never had a blue coat. Well it did because whenever I wore it with the hat and scarf the same color I received many compliments. One of my friends took a picture and this is what I looked like three years ago.

catherine in blue coat

Well I wore it for the first time here in Arkansas and I received the compliments about the color and how nice it looked and I thanked the Lord for His blessing.

When we lived in Dallas Carl traveled to visit the men who worked the territory he had to supervise and was gone Monday thru Thursday. Our kids were in college and/or married and I had nothing to do. I started looking for work that did not require to work weekends.

I began working for an insurance agency.  The agency had several sandyagents who worked out of the main agency. One of these men raised German Shepherd dogs and he was selling the last litter of dogs and asked if I wanted one. He knew I liked dogs because that is the place Carl gave me Sandy the Smooth Hair Fox Terrier as a gift and I shared this bit of news with the agency. I asked him the amount he wanted? His answer surprised me when he said  he wanted to give me the mother because he needed to close down his kennel. I told him just as long as I could have her spayed. He said that is okay he just wanted to find a home that would love her . This dog had been more of a pet.

german shepherd

We did take her  because we had our small back yard all fenced in because of Sandy.  This dog was so laid back that  she tolerated Sandy as the alpha dog. Going to dog training was an unique experience.  Carl and I took them to training class and had lots of fun. Our family increased.We named the dog Nitch.

I want to mention a little  bit about insurance. If you have children old enough to marry please encourage them to take out whole life insurance on each other as a safe guard. I know it was a godsend for me when Carl died. If they have children then especially on the children as they are born because the premium is smaller. As the policy comes of age you can cash it in or leave it  on file and keep on paying for their life. Or give it to them and they can reinvest it as owners and they get to name their own beneficiary. The younger age you are makes the premium cheaper.

I noticed an ad in the newspaper to buy insurance for your pet. I am afraid I draw the line on that. not that I don’t value my pets life but that opens up a can of worms, Can you imagine getting  a death certificate for a dog or cat. I just snicker at the cost. I just finished paying a funeral home for my own demise for when it happens, Funerals are not cheap even when you don’t want  anything but a cheap, cheap funeral.

When I was driving to church Sunday I want to tell you I felt I was driving on the Lord’s canvas of beautiful color. We have blooming bradford-pearsat this time Bradford Pear tree, the Redbud trees and bushes, yellow forsythia bushes and yellow daffodils and a blue ground cover I don’t know. It is beautiful picture as I drove.

Daylight saving time was yesterday and jumping forward doesn’t give us any more time like some people think it just a push and pull of the mechanism of the clock. I see I am near the end  and want to say, until next time I am, Immigrant Daughter.

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  1. That IS a beautiful coat, and what's inside it ain't bad either. :)

    I had to smile when I saw the photos of the dogs. Everyone has always told me that terriers are intelligent and inquisitive and energetic, etc. Well, we have had both a Jack Russell Terrier and a German Shepherd (simultaneously), and the shepherd passed up the terrier by FAR in the energy department. I think she may be just a smidge ADHD. I used to tell the vet that if he didn't put her on Ritalyn (sp?), I was going to have to go on Prozac. He would smile and tell me to give her 3 years, and she'd be great. He was right...she is great. I miss the little JR. I'd like to have another one.

    Enjoy the beautiful blessings of Spring.