Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here I am sitting at my new computer trying to get this post started without help. So far so good but I must tell you I tried first to play a game and could not  do it. Oh I got into the game program but did not know how to start the game even though it said start here by clicking here. As you can see I am not very computer savvy but I am willing to learn slowly. Sometimes I expect too much out of myself.

I want to thank those of you who responded and hopefully more will do so in the future. My stores are about me and my family. I have had a long full life and so much has happened in my lifetime that I hope it inspires you to keep a journal because it will make remembering easier for you as time passes.

I can remember my father telling me I will see for myself about this when I am older and sure enough he was right time seems to pass quickly. It is thundering and C’s dog is on the porch looking in wanting me to open the door. I just can’t do that as yet because she still brings in dirt and bugs from her roaming in the woods.

We use to collect antiques which I only have the memory oDSCN1185f them, but yesterday I was looking through a metal box Carl received from our daughter that was filled with German cookies. To my surprise I had stored an old carpenters tape measure that was 50ft long that pulled out of a leather bound reel that had a small handle that folded down to roll in the DSCN1178 tape. The sewed stitches are separating in spots because of age.

I also found an instrument that would cut off the tips of cigars that has  a piece of  ivory in the handle. I can remember my father having one of these, but most of the time he just bit the tip off. I understand it makes the cigar draw better when trying to light it.

I do not have anything that belonged to my dad except a small spy glass that is about 5 inches long and it extended out about 2 DSCN1179 inches more and it fit into a soft sleeve so you can put it in your pocket. It is not much but it is a sense of satisfaction knowing he held this in his hands and now I am handling it in mine many years later.

I tried to take a break  and save this and it told me I posted and I certainly didn’t intend to please bare with me and my mistakes. I can better understand the mistakes Carl use to make on the computer and not knowing how to bring it back and my lack of patience of helping him makes me a bit ashamed. My DIL came home and straightened out my error and informed me I didn’t post and that was a relief so I am continuing .

Getting back to antiques  Carl collected ink wells and at one point he had 75 of them. They were unique and out of 75 only one was duplicated.  They were so different some were just the glass well and others has the glass wells resting in ornate silver or brass  stands that sat on the desk in the center where it could be reached easily.  When he traveled and worked in different towns he always went to the glass inkwell antique shops to see if they had any he didn’t have. It really reminded me how times change because the ink wells today have filled ink pens and pencils in the holders instead of ink.

I can remember having had penmanship taught in school and yes I did write with a wooden pen you had  insert the writing point in doubleinkwell the handle to dip it in ink to write. I was a happy camper when new inventions came along like the ball point pen.

It took some time to to market a ball point pen that didn’t leak. I remember Carl’s white shirts always had ink stains in the pocket and it was a chore trying to make a white shirt white with no ink spots. Over the years ballpoint pens flooded the market because the Bic pens were cheap and colorful. They made pens with all colors of ink because they catered to the schools that purchased in big lots.

Ink filled fountain pens started to make a comeback and I remember giving Carl a pen and pencil set for Christmas one year.  There is an expression; What goes around comes around again and a good example of this is the style of automobiles over the years. It was always eabicsy to tell a Cadillac it didn’t change style year to year and became a  status symbol.

When I was a young child of about 8 or 9.  A friend of the family took the four of us girls for a ride in  his Model T. Ford , it was like a big box with four wheels that had windows that rolled down with a crank handle. If I remember correctly the doors only had one big window in them and not two like we have today. He called his car a tin a lizzey. We had lots of fun going for ford rides in the country that the only cost was petrol (as he called it). He was a big Irishman who like to laugh and make others laugh too. I mentioned what was will be again, and don’t we have automobiles today that are shaped like a square box called SUV’s?

I hope you found some humor in this post because I enjoyed remembering, Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter having fun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Immigrant Daughter 50

Hooray for new learning tools and for the blessing that I am able to still learn new things. The new tool is a new computer so I can do my blog and not  having to go through all the process I had to with my MAC. Blogging turned out to be a too many steps with the MAC. With this HP with windows  I can just type post on live writer and just insert picture making it more fun for me.

My DIL wrote down the steps for me and is making me do the work so I will learn faster. I can remember when my best half had a computer and would always foul it up because he couldn’t remember how to undo some of his goofs. I people who came in to fix it would say to me you should learn computer and I said no sir re. They of course did not know the whole story about C’s illness and I stayed as far away as I could from computers. In fact when C passed on I gave the computer to family members.

Now here I am learning computer things I never dreamed I would ever use. I am learning how to open and go to live writer and start typing. May I tell you I am proud of myself that at eighty I can and want to learn new things.  My Lord is good to me. 

I went and had a new will drawn up because each stat is a little different on how things are handled. I drew up what I wanted it to say and the attorney put it in the proper legal setting. Now I know when the Lord takes me home my wishes will be dispersed.

When our living continues we see it in a new light as we get older. I remember when I needed something I put it on a list or if it was needed sooner I would just jump in the car and take off, but now I have to consider the time of day because at certain times the traffic is busier and it does not need older people on the road. I admit there seems to be a bit more traffic on the road these days.


I want to mention that I am now on my 50th post and think this would be a good place to add the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary. We always celebrated alone because our kids were far from us and they knew that we celebrated by going out to eat at a fine restaurant and had a nice bottle of wine well we had this and more.

anniversarycakeWe were attending a small non denominational church in the country called Agape Ministries. The Pastor was a special anniversary dinnerindividual who was a great preacher and friend. His wife was top notch. It seems that my girls contacted the Pastor without our knowledge  and arranged a party at the church with a beautiful cake and punch.

But that’s not all they arranged for a fabulous dinner at Foxfire Restaurant and arranged for the whole family kids and all to come for the celebration.

  anniversarygroup anniversarywithkidsFoxfire was owned by the cartoonist  that created Garfield the Cat. At the time he lived in Muncie and supported Ball State University that was located in the area where we lived. We had a super time, as you can see from the pictures it cgarfieldouldn’t be better.

I see I am at a good stopping place so I will say until next time I  am Immigrant Daughter.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Immigrant Daughter 49

My girls asked me when I was going to mention some of the funny incidences that happened with some of the pets we had that weren’t so funny at the time.

One story when the kids were in school the girls had to start supper for me when we were having Carl’s boss over for supper. Carl was a salesman and had a territory that covered so many doctors and his boss came at least once a month to check up on his progress.

The girls would see what we were having and start it for me. This particular time I left chicken in the sink  to thaw so they could begin to roast it. They came home all set to start their chore and couldn’t find the chicken. They ran to our friends across the street to tell her and ask her to take them to buy more chicken. She did this and then they started to look for the chicken that I had put out to thaw.

We had a roll away dishwasher that was positioned next to the sink and when they checked back there they found the remains of the chicken. It seems the cat as fat as she was jumped up to the counter without the help of a chair and tore into the chicken wrap. I can just picture the cat trying to tear into the outer wrap dragging it all over with the dog helping. They had a feast. The kids said they were not as playful as they usually were. I guess not. Like I said not wasn’t funny then, but we have laughed about it  many times since  then.

I worked for the Church in the Diocesan Office as a secretary and believe me I wasn’t a secretary, but as I mentioned before I learn quickly. I have to admit with  all the new jobs I had to learn in my lifetime I still like cooking in the luncheonette the best and most rewarding. Being around people whose life crosses mine I some time can see why the Lord let them cross my path.

My husband was a smoker and he worked around others that smoked also. From early childhood he started by picking up butts that men threw in the streets. I never smoked and we sold cigarettes in Dad’s restaurant and our Luncheonette . Oh I tried it and couldn’t understand why people spent their hard earned money only to burn it.

Getting back to Carl and his boss who also was a chain smoker and when he came for supper he filled  many ashtrays that I always waited until the next day to empty. I never complained about the mess and then  one day while he was helping me clean up he was emptying the ashtrays he made up his mind to quit “cold turkey”. He bought a new carton of Mallboro and put them in the house where he usually kept them. When he finished the pack he had opened he never smoked another cigarette again. We ended up giving them to his boss one pack at a time.

Carl moved up the corporate ladder and was so glad he had quit smoking because when their day was over they ending up relaxing with smoking and spirits. It was easy for Carl to say goodnight because they would honor his wishes by saying goodnight. His boss died a very young man.

One day our dog that was in his pen in our fenced yard. We had this dog as a puppy that was part Doberman and part who knows. Our neighbor claims we let this happen when we were dog sitting their dog that was a pedigree Doberman  so we had to take one of the litter and we kept her in the outside pen and called her Sukie.

This pen lined the fence on the side of a couple with no children. The other side had five kids that were mean to animals. They couldn’t reach Sukie  and that was good. As time passed I noticed Sukie was growing tall but fat and I couldn’t imagine why because we only fed our dogs once a day. Then one day I saw the sweet neighbor lady throwing white bread over the fence for the dog. She was doing this with regularity, no wonder poor Suki was getting fat. We didn’t have any trouble of the kids trying to get in the yard because Sukie could clear the fence in nothing flat.

Mdog any times we left her fence opened into the yard but she just stayed in her pen. One night our son was sneaking in after he was told he go out. We had a wood  box that filled up from the outside and we could get wood for the fireplace without going out. He painstakingly emptied the wood box so he could come in without waking us up only to find Sukie came up behind him and stuck her nose in his back and growled not letting him finish getting in. We heard Dad, Mom, help! He never did that again. Aren’t pets wonderful. I know ours were and I see I wrote a long time so Until Next Time, I am IMMIGRANT DAUGHTER. 

Monday, August 9, 2010


There was a show on both the radio and TV that was very entertaining called Name That Tune and the band just played a few notes and the contestants were supposed to name the tune. It was a show the whole family could participate. Every once in awhile I wonder what in the world will the kids of today have to remember that is fun participation. My mind is blank on that subject. People just don’t play games much. It seems that our values have changed and I must admit not for the better.

We never did know what the future held but we were sure there was a future that we would be allowed to make t choice for our selves, good or bad because we know our God won’t forsake us. God has been taken out of the lives of many which has left this nation and the world falling into the pit. This business of being afraid to offend someone because of our belief in God has gone too far. This business that there are many gods is b….. There is only one God and people better start speaking up because whether you like it or not, believe it or not, there is a heaven and a hell and when you die, and you will, you will spend eternity in one place or the other. People that believe when you die and you will be buried and it’s over is hogwash. Not for me, and my loved ones. I know where my loved ones are and I know when I die where I am going. My God is a gracious and loving and He said we all, will be judged when we die. We all will stand before Him at the Throne for judgment not because of our works but because that is what He said will happen when we die.

As you can see I am bothered by what our government is promoting by implying we are not now or ever have been a Godly Nation. We are being fed this Islam garbage both in the media and in our teaching institutions because we have a man trying to make this another Islam. If parents that are believers in God don’t speak up they will lose their family making it difficult to live. Where ever you turn we are being intimidated with the government knows what is best for us and they intend to take over and make our decisions for us. Christians wake up!

I am sorry I got away from fun writing about my life but I Ill get back on track and tell you more things that happened in my family. First I will say I am glad my immigrant father is not living to see what is happening to his beloved America. Back then people that were lazy and did not work did not eat. Although anyone that was down on their last few bits could always get soup and bread in dad’s restaurant. In fact active hobos’ had a route they followed through the year. In the winter they went south and the summer they were back passing through.

There was one in particular that I remember who rode a three-wheel bicycle that he made himself out of several old pieces that were thrown away. His route extended from Maine to Florida selling pencils and trinkets. We would see him every year and after the first handout he would buy his own soup and sandwich. These people never forgot a kindness. My dad had a kind heart because he remembered all the people that helped getting him here.

My sister told me of stories about our dad and is family that he continued to help when they got to America. My dads’ brother Charles was a rascal. He and dad looked very much alike but not in temperament. Charlie would not stay put he always was on the go. I told you about the Mexican border skirmish over prohibition and now that I am older I can picture in my mind just how uncle Charlie took the stand that he did. Here is a picture of Dad, Electra and uncle Charlie. Both like their cigars and smoked until they died, but not from smoking.
She also told me that after mom died Dad had women chasing him. This was all new to Dad. The world was changing and women came out of their shell of being seen but never heard. They attended church meetings and were elected to serve on vestries and were quiet no longer quiet. Well one of the women that was chasing Dad was a widow who attended our littlechurch who was not poor and she would invite my Dad over to watch TV with her. She always had coffee and Teacakes that they nibbled on watching while television. She did not mind his cigar because she smoked using a long filter. Our town was small and walking anywhere was no problem. They became friendly and went many places because she had a car and drove until for some reason couldn’t. This is where my sister came into the picture because Mrs. L would ask my sister E to takethem places driving Mrs. L’s car.

My sister E said the first time she saw and heard Mrs. L giggle and say oh Tom and pat his knee, she said to herself this is my father. You have to realize that growing up with a strict father and then seeing him in a different light was quite a shock. In a sense we never saw our father act young and One day she asked Dad, “Why didn’t you act this way when we were growing up?” and he said because I had four girls I was responsible for. I know now why we grew up okay and blessed to know my father’s pressure of loosing his spouse, my mother and having to raise his family alone. His belief in God carried him Like I said I know where my family is and I too shall see them again.

Until next time, I am a proud IMMIGRANT DAUGHTER.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have to tell you I fell into a slump of not wanting to write or do anything or go anywhere. It seems as though my mind went completely blank. So rather than push myself I just stopped even trying. Well several of weeks have passed and my mind has kicked in and I have a story to tell you.

I was so eager to get up and get started that I spilled a full glass of orange juice that ran down the cabinet and splashed all over the floor in my small kitchen. I still do not have complete mobility of bending and walking without a walker or cane so clean up for me was quite an ordeal. I must have used a whole roll of paper towel and then had to wipe down the cabinet between the stove and the sidewall. Thank goodness for the use of a yardstick. After wiping the front of the cabinets I then used the yardstick with a dishcloth dipped in soapy water to get between the stove and cabinet. I then had to mop the floor. That itself was a chore for me, just picture the Tin Man trying to mop a floor and you will get a good laugh. If I could have taken a film of my self I would have because I know I laughed at my movements at that time. It took me several hours because I had to mop it twice because it was so sticky to walk on when it was dry. I usually have someone come in to clean the bathrooms and kitchen floor for me every two weeks and the phone rang at that moment saying she couldn’t come in that week. Oh well!

This is a new day and I called my doctor to find out if there was some kind of therapy I can get to help me walk and do my housework better than what I am doing. They happen to have had a cancellation that morning and offered it to me and I yelled yes I will, be there. The visit took a lot out of me and that only proves I do need help. It seems my right leg is a half - inch shorter than the left. That is the leg with the hip replacement. They gave me a few exercises to do at home until Medicare okay’s the program they issued for me. I will keep you posted on my progress. I feel better knowing there is something wrong with the progress of my healing and it not just me.

Another day passed and here I am again. I let both dogs in today feeling sorry for them because of the heat. We have a record heat wave going on. All week has been in the 100-degree range and more. Well I gave them fresh water which they gulped and food to help with all the water. And as I was sitting at the table watching they them plop on the floor after they ate I noticed a lot of dirt on the floor that they tracked in. Their paws usually are dirty but this was unusually dirty, it looked like poppy seeds all over the floor. I got up to get the broom and noticed that those I stepped on seemed to pop and then I got concerned. I never saw so many bugs come to life that quick in all my life. As I started to sweep them up I used my dustpan, which is white to pick them up and all of a sudden all the black seeds started to walk. As I said they looked like poppy seeds and would roll. Poor Scout and Chili got thrown out so fast that the poor dogs didn’t know what hit them.

I had to close the blind on the window that faces the porch because the dogs can see inside and if they see me they scratch the screen wanting to get in. I felt bad but not as bad as I would if I let more of all those little critters in.

I did not think they were ticks because usually you can’t pop ticks by just stepping on them. Does anyone have any idea what these critters are? I sprayed the whole carpet because they had to walk on it to get to the kitchen. My kitchen floor looks like a war zone with blood spots all over it. My DIL came in and wondered why I had a sign on the door saying don’t let the dogs in. I told her my tale of woe with what I went through with the dogs and she said without even seeing them; ”Oh they are seed ticks”, so now I know. I did not know that seed ticks were soft and would roll.

I am not a squeamish individual but I am glad to know what I am up against. I saw an article in a magazine about hotels being infested with bedbugs and without realizing it people are carrying them home and it left me feeling yucky thinking of all the motels we were in recently.

Each new day has its’ own surprises and I will keep you posted on this and other surprises that occur in my life, until then I am Immigrant Daughter