Monday, August 9, 2010


There was a show on both the radio and TV that was very entertaining called Name That Tune and the band just played a few notes and the contestants were supposed to name the tune. It was a show the whole family could participate. Every once in awhile I wonder what in the world will the kids of today have to remember that is fun participation. My mind is blank on that subject. People just don’t play games much. It seems that our values have changed and I must admit not for the better.

We never did know what the future held but we were sure there was a future that we would be allowed to make t choice for our selves, good or bad because we know our God won’t forsake us. God has been taken out of the lives of many which has left this nation and the world falling into the pit. This business of being afraid to offend someone because of our belief in God has gone too far. This business that there are many gods is b….. There is only one God and people better start speaking up because whether you like it or not, believe it or not, there is a heaven and a hell and when you die, and you will, you will spend eternity in one place or the other. People that believe when you die and you will be buried and it’s over is hogwash. Not for me, and my loved ones. I know where my loved ones are and I know when I die where I am going. My God is a gracious and loving and He said we all, will be judged when we die. We all will stand before Him at the Throne for judgment not because of our works but because that is what He said will happen when we die.

As you can see I am bothered by what our government is promoting by implying we are not now or ever have been a Godly Nation. We are being fed this Islam garbage both in the media and in our teaching institutions because we have a man trying to make this another Islam. If parents that are believers in God don’t speak up they will lose their family making it difficult to live. Where ever you turn we are being intimidated with the government knows what is best for us and they intend to take over and make our decisions for us. Christians wake up!

I am sorry I got away from fun writing about my life but I Ill get back on track and tell you more things that happened in my family. First I will say I am glad my immigrant father is not living to see what is happening to his beloved America. Back then people that were lazy and did not work did not eat. Although anyone that was down on their last few bits could always get soup and bread in dad’s restaurant. In fact active hobos’ had a route they followed through the year. In the winter they went south and the summer they were back passing through.

There was one in particular that I remember who rode a three-wheel bicycle that he made himself out of several old pieces that were thrown away. His route extended from Maine to Florida selling pencils and trinkets. We would see him every year and after the first handout he would buy his own soup and sandwich. These people never forgot a kindness. My dad had a kind heart because he remembered all the people that helped getting him here.

My sister told me of stories about our dad and is family that he continued to help when they got to America. My dads’ brother Charles was a rascal. He and dad looked very much alike but not in temperament. Charlie would not stay put he always was on the go. I told you about the Mexican border skirmish over prohibition and now that I am older I can picture in my mind just how uncle Charlie took the stand that he did. Here is a picture of Dad, Electra and uncle Charlie. Both like their cigars and smoked until they died, but not from smoking.
She also told me that after mom died Dad had women chasing him. This was all new to Dad. The world was changing and women came out of their shell of being seen but never heard. They attended church meetings and were elected to serve on vestries and were quiet no longer quiet. Well one of the women that was chasing Dad was a widow who attended our littlechurch who was not poor and she would invite my Dad over to watch TV with her. She always had coffee and Teacakes that they nibbled on watching while television. She did not mind his cigar because she smoked using a long filter. Our town was small and walking anywhere was no problem. They became friendly and went many places because she had a car and drove until for some reason couldn’t. This is where my sister came into the picture because Mrs. L would ask my sister E to takethem places driving Mrs. L’s car.

My sister E said the first time she saw and heard Mrs. L giggle and say oh Tom and pat his knee, she said to herself this is my father. You have to realize that growing up with a strict father and then seeing him in a different light was quite a shock. In a sense we never saw our father act young and One day she asked Dad, “Why didn’t you act this way when we were growing up?” and he said because I had four girls I was responsible for. I know now why we grew up okay and blessed to know my father’s pressure of loosing his spouse, my mother and having to raise his family alone. His belief in God carried him Like I said I know where my family is and I too shall see them again.

Until next time, I am a proud IMMIGRANT DAUGHTER.

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  1. Thank you for the kind post on my blog, it does help to know that people understand that life doesn't follow the path we had hoped it would.