Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Immigrant Daughter 50

Hooray for new learning tools and for the blessing that I am able to still learn new things. The new tool is a new computer so I can do my blog and not  having to go through all the process I had to with my MAC. Blogging turned out to be a too many steps with the MAC. With this HP with windows  I can just type post on live writer and just insert picture making it more fun for me.

My DIL wrote down the steps for me and is making me do the work so I will learn faster. I can remember when my best half had a computer and would always foul it up because he couldn’t remember how to undo some of his goofs. I people who came in to fix it would say to me you should learn computer and I said no sir re. They of course did not know the whole story about C’s illness and I stayed as far away as I could from computers. In fact when C passed on I gave the computer to family members.

Now here I am learning computer things I never dreamed I would ever use. I am learning how to open and go to live writer and start typing. May I tell you I am proud of myself that at eighty I can and want to learn new things.  My Lord is good to me. 

I went and had a new will drawn up because each stat is a little different on how things are handled. I drew up what I wanted it to say and the attorney put it in the proper legal setting. Now I know when the Lord takes me home my wishes will be dispersed.

When our living continues we see it in a new light as we get older. I remember when I needed something I put it on a list or if it was needed sooner I would just jump in the car and take off, but now I have to consider the time of day because at certain times the traffic is busier and it does not need older people on the road. I admit there seems to be a bit more traffic on the road these days.


I want to mention that I am now on my 50th post and think this would be a good place to add the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary. We always celebrated alone because our kids were far from us and they knew that we celebrated by going out to eat at a fine restaurant and had a nice bottle of wine well we had this and more.

anniversarycakeWe were attending a small non denominational church in the country called Agape Ministries. The Pastor was a special anniversary dinnerindividual who was a great preacher and friend. His wife was top notch. It seems that my girls contacted the Pastor without our knowledge  and arranged a party at the church with a beautiful cake and punch.

But that’s not all they arranged for a fabulous dinner at Foxfire Restaurant and arranged for the whole family kids and all to come for the celebration.

  anniversarygroup anniversarywithkidsFoxfire was owned by the cartoonist  that created Garfield the Cat. At the time he lived in Muncie and supported Ball State University that was located in the area where we lived. We had a super time, as you can see from the pictures it cgarfieldouldn’t be better.

I see I am at a good stopping place so I will say until next time I  am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. Congratulations! ...on your 50th post...on your new computer...on your spirit of learning...and on the wonderful stories you tell of your life and loves, I enjoy them so much!

  2. Yes, I am proud of you, too! I remember that 50th celebration well! It was a good time with all the family together. C

  3. 50th anything is reason to celebrate.

  4. My children do not look like that anymore! That was a fun evening!

  5. What a nice 50th surprise! Oh, and I'm 56 and even I stay off the roads at certain times of the day--why fight the traffic? Raises the blood pressure!