Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have been putting a  Thomas Kinkade  1000 piece puzzle  together that is a beautiful winter scene in the alps of a whole village. I will admit that it is very challenging because as you know Thomas Kinkade paints with so many colors and shades that it is hard to separate in colors in groups. I have received this for Christmas and really enjoy  putting  it together. I just finished it.  This is what it looks like.

                                                                                     kincaide puzzle

I remember many years ago we sent my sister and her husband a puzzle that was a picture of the four of us. It is amazing what they reproduce in a puzzle format. I love Blue Birds and think the picture of the Blue Bird that looks mad and frumpy is one of my bluebirdsfavorites because Carl and I had a birdhouse for them when we first moved here. We use to sit on the porch and watch them come and go building their nest. 


Country life can be very relaxing but you have to like being alone. I have been asked; “How can you stand it away from people? “ I know we like it because we had each other. I am still having to adjust being alone. Now dogs take up the slack.

I am glad The Kings Speech won best picture, and best actor and actress Oscar awards last night. I don’t see many movies but when I do I am glad they were good choices.

I have been watching some very old movies on cable and I am surprised that there are so many I haven’t seen. The war movies are always good. It seems to me there won’t be any of todays crop that will be memorable.

I have two grandsons who have birthdays this month and it turns out it’s the oldest 30 and the youngest 16, of different children. If I hadn’t felt old before I do now. I told the youngest I can remember my 16th birthday very well because I received a gold stretch band that was a Lily that circled around my wrist that I still have. On my 30th Carl took me out to dinner and gave me a gold horse pin which I still have. I must admit I don’t remember many of the in-between  birthdays.

My father gave me a locket that mom wore that  he had given her. It is a gold heart shape that opens up and had his picture on one side and moms on the other.You can’t see it, but Mom is wearing the locket in the picture below.   I still have it also. Memories are so good to remember when the individuals have passed on.

christos early picture         jewelry

Also this February my oldest sister who is living, she and her husband celebrated their 61st wedding  anniversary. From the picture it indicates the weather was warm for February in New Jersey way back then. They still live in the same house.  

marie wedding

A friend sent an email with pictures of ice burgs on lake  Michigan were beautiful and huge.   Here are a few of them below.


I went also and had my tax return done and filed electronically.  It cost almost same as last year.

I have seen many winter pictures but the one that wins the prize was an Amish farmer pulled an empty milk container truck out of a ditch that he slid in.   He was very skeptical and when the farmer hitched his four horse team to the truck and pulled it out. They were large like the AnHauser Bush Clydesdales.

amish horses

I am enjoying life even though it is not quite the way I would   say is ideal but God knows what’s best for me, I want to get his posted so Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. Hi Immigrant Daughter, What a lovely puzzle and I bet the white parts were tricky to do. My Mum and I used to do lots of puzzles together and they were fun. I love the photo's, I'm a bit partial to black and white shots. What a lovely present from your Dad, a lovely memory for you to keep. Thanks for sharing with us. Kind regards, Anita.

  2. You did a great job on the puzzle, and the locket is lovely. When we hold items that belonged to others who have passed on, we can feel as if we are holding a part of them. I admire your acceptance of where you are in life. I know you miss your Carl.