Monday, May 2, 2011


holy land experienceI mentioned in my 69 post about The Holy Land Experience and when I went to ladies Bible study this week someone mentioned a display came through at the Arts Center, Little Rock that pertained to the Tabernacle. She asked if anyone had seen it. After discussion I asked if anyone had gone to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. There was one of the ladies that even knew what it was but had not gone . Believe me I was flabbergasted because it was been  years since Carl and I have been there. It has been at least six or seven years. This would be an ideal time to see it during the Easter season. I just assumed that some had seen it. I guess you can never assume that people have been to places you have been to.

It came to me again how blessed I am of seeing so many different places in our country. My grandson stopped by to drop off my mail so I wouldn’t have to drive down to pick it up. With a walker it is difficult because of rocks to walk but no problem to drive  up and get it. He sat for a few minutes to chat. He asked me a couple “Why don’t you questions?” of me doing this or that. I told him there aren’t any old ladies out here that like what I do. He said I am not the only 80 year old out here and he is sure there are others and instructed he is going to find some. Believe me I won’t hold my breath on that statement. I found out sometime ago not many like sports, let alone old ladies.

This morning I woke up with something I remembered saying in Greek when we didn’t want any one else to understagreeknd. Some people are puffed up with their own importance and when you are mentioning the incident to a family member you would say it in Greek because translated to English is little t—d. Now Carl thought that was so funny he wanted to learn how to say it in Greek, I tried to teach him but he just couldn’t roll his tongue right to get the accent. So every  time he tried we laughed at way he said it more than what he was trying to say. I can’t imagine what ever brought that to mind waking up from a night’s sleep. I really don’t remember my dreams. Cindy tells me we dream every night even though we can’t remember what we dreamed

I remember my mother doing a lot of baking for our religious holiday. We did not get baskets with chocolate bunnies or even jelly beans. The one thing I remember best was the Greek Easter Bread she made. I can still remember the taste. It has a different texture than sandwich bread and tastes good plain or toasted with her jam. Of course we had our Koolouas cookies that we helped make. Here are pictures of the Koolouas and the Easter Bread with the one red egg in it.  All our Easter Eggs were Red when I was growing up to symbolize the Blood of Christ.

cookies                          easter bread

I hope I am not boring you with my family memories of when I grew up. I was so blessed to have had a father and mother who stayed together all their lives and giving us a foundation of living believing in God.

Does anyone have a pet peeve like I do. When I buy bananas I make sure they are not mushy, but firm and yellow. I eat a bananabananas   cheerios

every day with cheerios for breakfast. The peeve I have is when you slice the banana down to the end a dark center line appears that looks like a worm. Yuk!! That is one thing I will do for myself to make sure my banana is all yellow. I have to admit I am a bit spoiled after living in Guam where we could get them from the trees. There was always someone who could climb the very tall tree for pocket change.

Dad and mom sold pies they made in the restaurant but tastykakefor breakfast they purchased from the bread man wrapped goodies that can be stacked on the counter. The one I remember liking the best was a Tasty Kake that came 12 packages to the box. They also had an item called crumpets. That had two crumpets in each package, They each were two fingers wide were about 4 inches long with butterscotch icing on yellow cake. He also had on his truck sliced oblong pound cake each piece was individually wrapped. The slice was about 8 inches wide and quarter inch depth. The box held 12 pieces of yellow pound cake. Customers loved to have us toast the pieces to enjoy with coffee. 

Then a & psuper markets cutting into the delivery to individual small business’ like dads’ restaurant. They just plain stopped  servicing little accounts like ours. This was called progress. Eventually as time progresses things change. Where is the A & P store now? In the little town I grew up in the store no longer exists.

Like everything else time moves on not by train or auto but rotation of the sun around the moon.

Here in Arkansas we experienced several days of tornados and damage. I believe the last record I heard was 200 deaths and severe wind damage. My DIL wanted me to come and stay with  her once or twice, but I declined, I felt the Lord will protect me no matter where I am and if  it’s my time so be it. We had such a pelting of rain it is going to take weeks to dry out. I believe we live in kind of a bowl, we are at the base of the mountain sort of protected.

But, I will say I was without phone service for three days and electricity for 20 hours. Now we have electricity but no phone.  Now that is an inconvenience because we are without water because the well pump stops. This really happens so seldom and I do not like it.

I wish you all blessings that only God can bring. Until next time I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. My mother-in-law has become a big baseball fan in the last ten years or so, partly because (short of Sesame Street) the televised games are pretty much the cleanest programming on tv.

    Your remembrances made me think of my mother who was such a wonderful baker. Oh the bread and cinamon buns and hot cross buns and cakes and pies and and and...

  2. Immigrant daughter, I too remember my Mum saying things in German when she didn't want us to know what she was saying. I used to be a teaser of a child (something I never grew out of!!!) and I used to ask everything hour or so "What's for tea Mum?". Knowing full well that some days my Mum's face would turn red, I would always ask and giggle. She cottoned on to the fact I was teasing and then had a special saying for me in German as a response. To this day I still don't know what it meant. She had the last laugh. I enjoy your blog. Kind regards, Anita.