Monday, November 30, 2009


My older brother Tommy, when mom died, ran off and joined the Navy. He was just old enough and guess what? He was in the Navy! He ran away from nbeing a “cook”. The Lord does work in strange ways to teach us. Will we ever learn? Probably not.

By the time I saw my brother again a lot of time passed. I was enjoying life growing up. My sister Sophia had a friend who knew of the situation of mom and she felt she needed to educate Sophie and her sisters about babies. I was included and that is how I learned about the birds and bees. Even though we had a maternity home next door, that’s the first time I had heard this, and as “Paul Harvey would say, "Now for the rest of the story”. 

Sohpia had two husbands who worshiped the ground she walked on but never had children. She was a diabetic  who never took care of herself and it is sad because she died when she was 50 years old.

My father had a younger brother who was a diabetic that died because he drank too much.  He was a handsome young man, so when my dad was diagnosed with diabeties when he was 70 years old his life took a drastic change. He was good size around the waist because of all the good Italian bread and food he ate. When the doctors in the hospital told him what he could and couldn’t eat he came home and never ate the old way again especially the bread. He then would only eat wheat bread and no donuts or pies. He did love his fat El Producto cigars and chewing on those seem to help. His discpline gave me a good example because I became diabetic when I was 22 years old.  

Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. I am enjoying the story.

  2. This story just keeps getting better! Can't wait to see that next post! C

  3. I think your father was a remarkable man, and your blog is a tribute to your heritage and your family. I await your next post!

  4. Amazing story. Itsn't that old diabetes a mean condition. Kind regards, Anita.

  5. I am catching up on the last few posts of your story. I am really enjoying the story and your telling of it! Thanks so much for sharing these memories!