Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I talked my 2nd sister to go to the lake with me on a hot Sunday afternoon. As I mentioned before my sisters did not like the outdoors as much as I did and after some coaxing she came. I had at my disposal every Sunday a new panel truck thanks to the owner who owned the department store. This first picutree is of him, that same sister, and me.  He was a dear friend of the family that came in the restaurant for coffee and I used to clean his glasses and couldn’t understand how he could see out of them. I understand now because I wear glasses that get very dirty before I clean them and when I do I wonder why I waited so long.

We went to the lake after church and no sooner than we got in the water a thunder storm let loose rain and the life guard ordered everyone out of the water. We ran for our vehicle and decided to wait to see if it stopped. The truck with the department stores’ name on it was parked under the trees. The car that was parked next to it had four young men in it and they rolled down their window and asked if we had a match. We did not smoke and I automatically said no. To my surprise my sister pipes up and said yes she had one and that led to more conversation. We found out they were from the Naval Air Station down the road.

The rain did not look like it was going to stop so we invited them to follow us home for lunch. Now when we came in with four sailors in wet bathing suits carrying their clothes we had to explain this to my father who was reading the paper in his easy chair. My other two sisters were home as well so we fixed lunch and had an enjoyable afternoon playing monopoly. That is how I met the man of my life. My father was very strict about boys and dating, but never objected to company as long as he was present.

C.C. found out my work schedule and hitched hiked to town if he didn’t have the money for the bus ride. We went to the lake every chance we could. I found out C.C. was in the Navy waiting for assignment to air control mans’ school which would not be for awhile. He was working as an airplane mechanic. He was an orphan that called Michigan home.

I have a lot more to say on this later because my life took a drastic change. Until next time, I am Immigrant daughter.  


  1. Oooooh! A romantic cliffhanger! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Me, too! I'm always interested to see how people meet and fall in love! Can't wait for the next episode!

  3. I am hooked, when is the next episode coming? You cannot leave us hanging! Keep it up.

  4. I just spent the most pleasant Saturday morning in bed reading the Immigrant Daughter saga. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories, and I am looking forward to hearing much more.