Friday, March 12, 2010


I am trying to figure just where to pick up the story of our life together. The brothers wouldn’t have anything to do with us at that time but C was satisfied with that and it was okay with me because my family loved him and filled the gap that was missing. This is a picture of C with his newfound aunt VM in front of her house in Indianapolis.

The aunt that brought this about was set in her ways and was used to bossing people around and she had never been up against anyone that had to fight for whatever he needed. In other words she just couldn’t boss her nephew around. We had moved to Muncie after she had suggested Indianapolis to be close to her. We wanted to be close but not that close.

As she grew into our family she experienced many things she hadn’t done before. She had never tasted lobster cooked at home. C had always had a New England boiled dinner shipped to us from a fish house from the east coast in the spring because we liked fresh seafood. The company would package it with seaweed and all. If you never tasted seafood from Maine then you are missing something delightful.

This is a picture of aunt VM holding a cooked lobster waiting to see how to start in to eat it. Didn’t take long for her to learn. C did this periodically because he liked to cook them outside on the pit he had built.

That pit was something we will never forget. C had arranged for it to be built with the mason man who was working on the house. He just couldn’t be there to start it but would have his workman put the foundation down so it could set and he would get back to it.

We were closing in our carport to have a great room. It was a 20 by 26 room with a fireplace and his men were to do the mason work. They did a fairly good job with the fireplace that C decided to have them do an above ground pit. Well the day they were to start, they had first stopped along the way to quench their thirst and brought their refreshments along. When they finished the pit it looked liked an opened circle leaning that if you pulled a brick out from the bottom it would topple. Of course the men wanted to be paid and C suggested to the boss he had better come and see this job before he paid. C asked if he the boss would be satisfied to cook on it. He made them tear it down and do it right the next day.

Many years later and many different houses lived in we were ready to settle down in one place. By then C was retired 20 years from the Navy and 16 years from a pharmaceutical company. We came back home to the south where the climate was more agreeable and the boating excellent.

In each job he excelled rising high up the ladder he could go. C just lacked confidence in himself because the lack of encouragement growing up. He was led to believe that a diploma on the wall was magic and even though he passed whatever test given to him. In each job he held when someone needed help they use to say go ask C. At times even his bosses to ask for help. He arose to National Sales Manager that had many workers under his supervision and required much traveling.

Our son called him one day after he heard his dad had retired and asked him to come and give him a hand in the produce business delivering to small markets and eating places. He said he needed someone to stay in the office while he was out checking on his trucks. It seemed as those trucks were always breaking down. One day while getting all the fresh produce in the warehouse preparing for a holiday weekend that night the warehouse caught fire and burned down to the ground. It was a tragic loss and put our son out of business and many unpaid bills that added to the loss. His wife was working by his side all through this. She could have gone on her own but chose to support him in all his decisions. She was and is an attorney.

I am sorry to say that my son erred and strayed like a lost sheep and had an affair, while in El Paso on business and turned his back on God. I am crushed and I am thankful my C isn’t alive to see what our son has done. He brought a wonderful girl into our family and then he tells me I can’t have anything to do with her. Oops since when are you telling your mother what I can do or can’t do. He is still in this adulterous affair and has a bastard child and tells his sister God wants him to be happy. Since when does god condone sin?

And here I am; never one to miss out on lobster!!!

I see I should stop and this is a good time in my story. Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. I must comment on the size of the lobsters you are eating. They are HUGE! A lobster that size today would cost a small fortune around here. Yummmmy! I enjoyed your post and have many to read in order to catch up on your wonderful life story. I am looking forward to following and have added you to my sidebar to make sure I do not miss anymore.

  2. I can't help but comment on the size of those lobsters!!!! Hopefully the sheep will return to the flock. Kind regards, Anita.