Saturday, January 15, 2011


Happy-New-Year-2011-wallpaper  It has been a long time since I posted and I didn’t want let it go too long since I got back into the swing of things. I noticed that blogging has a way of going to the back burner during the holidays.

My youngest  came to spend Christmas with me and it was a special treat for me because she lives in Virginia and that is a bit far for them to drive. She has three boys and one girl  and it is amazing to me how much they changed in one year. I must brag a bit because I think they are good looking. The boys are all over six feet plus tall and the my granddaughter wears high heels to keep up in height, I could remember wearing high heels but never that high. It was encouraging to see young people with lots of life. I couldn’t house them all in my two bedroom Mobil home so the boys stayed down with daughter-in-law and daughter and granddaughter stayed with me. I had one folding bed and rented one so they were at least up from the floor. They had their own bath so that worked out fine.

I had gotten into a state where I didn’t want to cook or if I did nothing tasted good. You know it is easy to slip into depression. And I made up my mind that was not going to happen  after I went through two weeks of it. So at this point I want to tell you I will continue about my life.

My daughter in law tells me about some of the sad tales of families breaking up with the lame excuse we fell out of love anddivorce2__1243430308_0741 don’t want to live together any more. and when finding out more there is always an involvement of a girl friend or boy friend. They think  that when trials come on they can just walk away. Vows made meant  nothing. It seems to me upon hearing some of the stories the couples left God out of their lives. I know even those who know the Lord and strayed like my son did  is heart breaking. Lust plays a big part in wanderers.

No marriage doesn’t have problems but when you learn to give more than take it seems to get you over the bumps. Lord know none of us are perfect.

We  were discussing the whys of this and came up to the conclusion that the moral teaching has disappeared from families and schools. Without morality people live without rules and the we have to have them. Not just for a few but for all of us.

I can remember growing up we always ate our meals together on the weekend. In the restaurant during the week we ate while working but we did have a family booth where the family sat. It is amazing how much you can say while eating. When C was coming to the restaurant he graduated from the counter to our booth rapidly. I can still remember the look dad gave him the first time. It is a shame today that we eat more drive in food than meals made from scratch. It the sign of the times and the beginning of family break down. Of course this is just my opinion.rockwell

My dad was the center of our holidays. When he was living we always made the trip home. That was one of the things we gave up was family holidays in our own home. And you know we gained more from that because it gave dad something to expect. I can better appreciate now because when I know any of the family is coming I mark the days off on the calendar.

I want to say that now the holidays are over I had the delightful experience of the special feeling that dad had after we visited him. I was so thankful after their visit.

A week later I had gone through a sort of rescue situation with Scout the Sheltie that DIL owns. She always followed DIL home when she came home from work after spending the day with me. One night she followed her home but wouldn’t go in when she opened the door and DIL couldn’t catch he to make her go in.

She disappeared  for two days and we just assumed she went off to die. She wasn’t eating and was a shekel walking around. In the meantime AR got a snow storm that brought freezing weather more than I have ever seen. I had attempted to sweep off the porch and ramp and when I did there was nothing but ice left. So I knew I would stay put for awhile.

I was ready to stop when I noticed Scout came scrawling out from under the ramp next to my steps I was cleaning. Now here is where the rescue begins. Scout was covered with snow that was stuck to her. I went down  the steps I cleared off and tried to pick her up which I couldn’t because I can’t bend that far down.You can imagine what a sight I was trying to pick her up by the scruff of her neck and hold on to the rail and cane at the same time. She was too heavy for my one hand I would get her front feet up the step and then try to lift her bottom up the step trying now to let her fall or myself either. I was near the top and I just couldn’t reach up from where I was and had to come holding her bottom on the step and to keep me from falling. I thought I might do well by sitting down the step and then scoot up step by step, You can imagine my surprise to find out I sat too low to be of any use to finish the job. Here I was stuck on the steps and not being able to get up myself. I prayed and asked the Lord for the skill to get her to the top and me too. It took me one hour to get her and me up five steps. When I got to the top I still couldn’t lift her and had to drag her one step at a time across the porch that is 14 by 16. Fortunately I left the door ajar and I was able  to drag her into the living room where I had a sheep skin to put her on. I only was able to get her head and shoulders on. I left her to get a towel so I could dry some. She was so cold she was shivering. When I got a large thick towel and threw it over her she looked up as if to say thank you.  As bet as we could determine she was out under the ramp the three days it was 18 to 25 degrees with weather people saying keep your pet in out of the cold. C and I felt awful but in all fairness she wouldn’t come in when we called. And by this time scout her back legs couldn’t work. C came from work and brought a small can of dog food and fed her and she ate it all.

After discussing  the situating she decided to put her down and I agreed because I couldn’t be of much help. We both knew the Vet would try to talk her out of it but the decision was best for the dog because she works all day and I am handicapped. So she wrapped her with the towel and took her home. She put her in her very large bathroom to lock her in for the night and its a good thing she did because she let go both ends scooting all over the floor. It broke both our hearts she had to suffer.

Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. So glad to hear from you, and that you had a good family Christmas. So sad about Scout, and know that you and C miss her.

    Hope your New Year is filled with many blessings. k

  2. Happy New Year to you Immigrant Daughter. How good it feels to have family around and it does make a difference. It's true what you say about finding out how your Dad felt when family came home to visit......when we get older we appreciate that feeling. Sad story about Scout. Kind regards, Anita.