Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Had a great day yesterday. The weather was and is beautiful, it’s the way I like it, not too cold and not too hot its just right as the little bear said as he ate the porridge.

I am finding eating alone has it’s drawbacks one of which it is hard to cook for just one and if you have left over’ you just never want to eat it and it gets freezer burn and out it goes. I use to love to cook because I was cooking for a good eater who would eat whatever I put in front of him and tell me it was delicious.

On Easter I ate at DIL’s, it is just down the driveway with her family. I always look forward to the Easter service and singing “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”. I am glad I was raised in a singing family who loved to sing. This probably won’t be posted until after Easter but my heart is singing now and I wanted to tell you.

C was always up with what is going on in the world and there was a time back in the 1990’ that they were promoting food shortages. Howard Ruff use to publish where to buy food that was stored in number 10 cans that was sold to people to have food on hand. We purchased one of those plans that would feed a family for six months. Well the time passed and we never had to use it for what it was intended, a shortage of food. We did eat it and gave most of it to mission project that fed the hungry and gave food to families that needed help.

Dried food and vacuum packed food loses it nutritional value after so many month of storage. The one food that lasted the longest and best was oats. I do like oatmeal and still eat it the morning, Quaker does a good job.

The Y2K push on the public prompted C to purchase a 4-wheel bicycle that we rode around the neighborhood, here is a picture of us many years ago. I was much younger then. We had lots of fun.

When C found his long lost family, in the information we came across something humorous and interesting. It seems that Aunt VM’ husband “the Colonel” was seventeen years older than she was, and she knew this before she married him. She was determined he was going to marry her like it or not. He was at one time a Gubernatorial Candidate for Indiana. He was called back to do duty in the Army to serve at the Mexican Border fighting for Prohibition. Here's Alfred's article:

At the same time my fathers’ brother Charles, back in Pennsylvania, was a private in the Army as an Engineer doing his duty fighting against Prohibition. In fact his flyer said “I plan to give my whole time to the campaign down there to the organizing bartenders in many places; to hit hard and make every lick count, at every train stop between Pennsylvania and the Border, and even in Mexico: He said he was doing his part with his comrades while being shot at.

I guess the Army put out a flyer “A Message From The Border” and it was from Camp Liano Grande, Texas. I have two flyers one for each man and the flyer indicated the same date September 15, 1916 for both men. I don’t know if they knew each other. The big difference being one was an Officer in the Army and one a Private and that were from different states. Pennsylvania and Indiana fighting on the Mexican Border. Talk about a small world. They had pictures of the men on the flyers and I would have recognized my uncle without seeing his name. He looked just like my dad cigar and all only much younger. I guess if we really knew all of our family history we would be amazed at how the Lord brings our lives together in some way.

C and I came to the conclusion that the Colonel was a stuffy sort of fellow that took the Army protocol seriously that officers didn’t associate with enlisted personnel. We came to this conclusion because C’s aunt was sort of snooty herself. She believed if you didn’t further your education you were low on the list of importance. She barely tolerated me because I hadn’t. She didn’t have much choice because she wanted to get to know my BIL better and she was C’s aunt. She lived to be 90 years old.

I want to get ready, to watch the final game of college basketball, I am rooting for Duke. I like all sports but the March Madness is top of the list.

I believe this is a good place to stop, until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. This story amazes me. To think that your Uncle Charlie and C's Uncle Albert were both written about (on opposite sides of the prohibition fence!) way back before both of you were born! And then for that to be discovered and written about today. It blows me away! C

  2. Hi new sister, This is my first time to visit your blog and I am so enthralled. I will be back soon. Come visit when you can. XXMollye
    ps....I found you through Peggy on QMM

  3. Hi Immigrant daughter! Well the world is really a small place. Very interesting about the two men and both being written about. Hey and I love that great 4 wheeler bike...what fun. Am loving your journey. Kind regards, Anita.