Friday, April 23, 2010


This is a continuation of our time Germany with M & K. Did you ever read something and didn’t grasp what it said. Some times that happens when my mind is working quicker than my what comes out of my mouth. I had a response to my last post that was offering me a way to send flowers to Germany. I am still pondering if they really understood that I am talking of the past and not the present. Really that is the only thing I am qualified to talk about is what C and I did together. The future only holds expectations of what the Lord has in store for me. The one thing I do know it is going to be better than I can ever imagine.

I wanted to mention that in Garmisch-Parkenkirchen was the home of the grandson of Johann Strauss. This is a picture of the family house that was large and stately. When we walked to town we always passed their lovely house.

KL had her first child we were there with M and K staying with them and C is putting sign on the door of the house in Germany saying it it’s a boy. Next picture is proud dad holding his son. Grandson J.M. was a delightful handful and it was great to be there to give my daughter the kind of help mothers do. This picture shows C and I at the table taking turns holding the baby.

I did forget how quickly babies grow up from the rock-a-bye-baby stage to the carriage stage and then to the stroller. C & I were definitely in our place at the right time. We thoroughly enjoyed being Opa and Oma walking pushing the carriage down to the square. This picture shows mother pushing the stroller.

The people would stop us to see the baby and say; “Opa, das good and of course C would enjoy the comments. C always pushed because he was the proud Opa. We never did get a chance to do this with our first grand child because they we live in a Mobil Home in the country that had dirt roads and grass plus it was dusty most of the time. We did have a nice large screened porch that we enjoyed with grandson number one.

If we happened to be down at the square at that time we would always planned to stop with the baby to have our tea and cake. It was a good and joyful time for us. We were truly living a life of many blessings with being able to be with our grandchildren growing up. We were not there in Germany for their 2nd child a little girl and just to enjoy seeing the pictures.

Here is a picture of their other grandmother enjoying their children. I am not sure if this was in Germany or the states.

When they received a transfer back to the states to the War College in Pennsylvania and had to wait some time before the family could settle in Pennsylvania. We came to help Kl with the children while waiting for their household goods to arrive. We stayed at the RED CABOOSE INN that was actually a caboose. We had quite a time with the kids and the train. I did find some pictures of that stay.

Our second daughter has 4 children that, includes twins one boy and one girl, and the other two boys. Now that’s a handful to say the least and to add to that they are all very tall. When standing next to them I am definitely short. I will tell more about them later.

I have a birthday coming up in June and my daughters are trying to plan a celebration from afar with the help of DIL from this end. They are trying to plan a trip to N.J. where my two older sisters live. One just turned 88 and the other will be 87 the same week I will be 80. All I can say at this point is we are from strong genes. As I said before I don’t know what the Lord has planned for me but I keep telling him I am eager and ready. C and I always talked of our passing so it wasn’t a shock when it actually happened to him being first to die. I know he is in a better place and I am waiting to join him.

Trying to stay busy is a new experience for me because I was always kept busy. I stop and look around in my home and say to myself junk and more junk as it accumulates. I am not a saver I throw out easily. Nothing, as far as I am concerned, is worth saving or holding on to for future use. If I am not using it maybe someone else can.

Some years back when we put everything we owned in a commercial storage warehouse the warehouse burned down to the ground and we got paid 5 cents on the pound for a grand total of $5,000 dollars. The furniture that was destroyed was valued much more than that but that is all the warehouse would pay us. On that note I will say what did survive the Lord multiplied many times over. So on that note until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. I hope you have a lovely time celebrating your birthday with your sisters, it will be lovely for you. Beautiful shots of the stately house and the Inn. Kind regards, Anita.

  2. I really enjoy your writings and especially your humble acceptance of whatever the Lord has in store for you. It gives me courage and encourages me not to fret about the future. I like your older photos that you use to accompany your stories. I had to laugh about your observation of the junk all around you. My mom wrote me one time and said she had so much stuff but she didn't want to get rid of any of it. She was not a packrat, just had a lot of craft supplies. We laughed about it a lot. She has been with the Lord now for 7 years. I still miss her and I know I will be looking for her when it is my time to go--I know I will be looking for her, because going to her would be worth leaving the others behind. Keep up your writings, they are interesting.