Monday, May 17, 2010


I believe I am back to normal and can go on with my story about my life. Carl and I spent most of our time in Arkansas at different times in our life. I talked about the first time move here to raised our children to go thru High School. They graduated and each went on to higher education. Only one completed the higher education getting a Masters Degree from TCU in Texas. She was our third child.

Carl was going to school also and when the kids started their higher education Carl felt he had to take a job and give it up his schooling for the second time. The 2nd child went to Monterey, Calif. For languages and instead of a degree she met her husband who was in the military. Now child number one went to school in Fayetteville, Ark. And he was so busy chasing girls, that he had to go to summer school and still never completed any part of school past high school and one year of college courses.

He always was a dreamer and jumped from idea to idea. He was the first to marry and she was the best thing he ever did for himself and he did settle down for a bit. She was supportive and she completed and continued her education to the finish. Shegraduated and went on to law school. He still is unstable because he committed adultery and has no feelings of regret. He told me I couldn’t have anything to do with his wife and I said oh really since when was he in charge of what I did. I told him he brought her into my family and because he wanted to drop out he couldn’t tell me what I could do. Consequently he chose to drop himself out of my life. I am convinced he is sick both physically and mentally and I encourage C to rid herself of him completely.

Getting back to my mate Carl, I attended many destroyer sailor’ reunions with him and Carl was asked at different times to lead them in the prayer service while tossing a wreath in the water in memory of those who died. I have pictures of the last reunion of the U.S.S. Howorth, DD 592 that was held aboard the U.S.S NORTH CAROLINA, OCT. 18, 1994. There were not many living at that time of the original crew. Here is a picture of the five originals including Carl. Carl was on the Howorth when the torpedo hit.
They always had tours on ship for the visitors that day the only thing wrong with that the young men had never served aboard ship and couldn’t answer the questions of the visitors on the tour. This was right up Carl’ alley. He enjoyed talking about the ship to whom ever would listen. As this was this last reunion so I remember it well.

Here are pictures of Carl giving information of the ship to the guide and others of the inside if the ship. Carl loved answering questions. I think what impressed me the most was the semi fore flags and Carl knew each one and could read and give messages so fast. He said that is something you never forget. The next time you see a ship with flags on show them are saying something.

Short but sweet about my sweetheart. Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter

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  1. Fascinating photo's on board the ship. Can't believe the size of the guns towering over the people standing near by. Great photo's. Kind regards, Anita.