Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am back in full swing with my health being back to normal. My DIL has her hands full with the sickness of her sister and family. Her sister works in her office and not being there really puts an extra load in the office because she keeps her office running well. But thank God all is back to normal.

I want to tell you something about my 2nd daughter and her family. She has four children two of the children are twins one boy and one girl. These are the grand children that are all tall and I have to keep looking up to talk to them. This information is now and I want to tell you something about then, back to her beginning.

My daughter sent me a card for mothers day that had a little chubby face holding a spoon in her mouth and when she called to ask me how I liked the card I laughed because she had no way of knowing this looked like her at the same age. She was my third child and in the last month of my pregnancy they kept me in the hospital for the whole month because they were trying to hold down her weight because I was diagnosed diabetic. They said she would be larger than the first two children which were 7lbs 1&3/4 oz and the 6 lbs 3 oz and sure enough she was 9 lb 4 oz.
When born she was like holding a doll because it took months for the other two to get to her birth weight. I had to wait until she was 8 months before I could travel to Guam with my three children so I stayed with my father in the house I grew up in. My 2 sisters were married and one wasn’t she still worked for dad in the restaurant. My brothers were married and didn’t live home so there was plenty of room for the kids who loved the steps and the banister in dads house.

She grew up to be a fine young lady and married a young man that wanted to be a priest.

The next picture is the rehearsal for her wedding. Here she is with Carl walking down the aisle and the next is with her sister helping her dress. This is in Virginia.

They came back to N.J. and my sister and husband had them stay on the boardwalk in Atlantic City where they wined and dined them for the weekend.

We visited in Ambridge Pa. where he was attending seminary and when he graduated from seminary we attended the service when he was admitted as a postulant. Carl read the scripture in the service. Then took a job in Alabama as an intern. Alabama was a beautiful place and there they learned how to prepare for st
orms coming off the ocean to the mainland. They stayed there several years and the Episcopal Church was going through a storm of its own with women priest and ordaining homosexuals. Carl and I left the Episcopal Church because that was more than we could stand. We joined a bible believing Assembly of God that did not believe in women anything in the priesthood.

Then they moved up to Tennessee and we went to see them dog and all supporting their decisions. We always traveled with our dog that loved to travel and most times she just stayed in her cage in the car.

As you can see the children are growing by leaps and bounds. We enjoyed our travels going to see them. I told you about one son in law in the Army and now one in the priesthood in the Anglican Communion.

My son attended the Baptist Church and I thought he was truly ensconced in that demonation. They were bible believers and he had a home group meeting at his house. We couldn’t be happier than to have all our children connected with believers. But sin crept in and broke our family bliss.

My girls home schooled their children and did exceptionally well with their schooling. I will tell more about that at another time. I have so much I want to say and trying to keep it in order is a bit perplexing. So until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. Thank you for sharing your stories. I sure do like your style--down to earth and honest. It seems as if the older folks don't pull any punches and they aren't afraid to say what they believe--that's admirable.

  2. Hi! Mom,

    Glad you liked the card! You really dug to find those old pictures. I really did have dark hair!

    I enjoyed talking with you today. I have to get off because the lightening storm has arrived.

    Love, K