Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here is another new day and with each one I am thankful. I left you in the last publication talking about my second daughter and family. I will try to pick up more stories about their growth into a busy family. I didn’t get a chance to continue and here it is after Memorial Day and I will try to get this part of my story down so that I can post.

Oh my, it’s starting to rain and I have a metal roof on my porch that is attached to my Mobile home and I love to hear the sound of the rain. We have had our share of rain. I watched the Indy 500 race off and on until the end. I always am amazed when I see a race car crash and disintegrate before my eyes and then the driver gets out alive. I am still in awe. They are all good drivers that’s for sure.

Kim ‘s family, were debaters in the home school circuit and were good quite. There is only one left at home now and he just completed finals. I haven’t heard the results of the past weekend. The next few pictures show the their kids at different ages.

The twins graduated from high school last June and I had an opportunity to attend the Home School graduation. It’s interesting how the graduation was held and there were about 16 seniors in their group.

I must tell you my life really has changed since Carl died. I get remorseful at times and have to work hard at shrugging it off. We did so many things together that it’s very hard sometimes to be alone. I can’t imagine all the cases that Cindy has that have so much turmoil going on between spouses. There just isn’t enough respect and consideration for couples to make the marriage last. My son is an example of not honoring his marriage vows, as he should. We all have to make the choice between right and wrong for ourselves and I am sad to say his choice was not the right one.

Television and access to the Internet has really hurt the family togetherness. There aren’t any family rules and the parents fail in their responsibility in raising their children according to the ten commandants but I guess I just lived too long because my family was raised by Godly rules and still my son made the wrong choice and he turned 60 Memorial Day, I cried for him. As an adult he is a juvenile delinquent.

His son my first grandson is a joy to be around, just listening to him talk about nature and tracking the wild life. I am fascinated of all the things that the earth reveals that I never noticed before. This is a picture of him and my sister. He is building a wigwam in the woods that he could stay in to be protected from the elements. He is trying to learn all he can about living off the land. It’s not something his mother or I would rough it to sleep in unless we absolute had to. Our idea of camping out is a Holiday Inn that serves breakfast.

I am enjoying the warmer weather. They predict it will be in the 90s this next few days. The thing that bothers me the most is spiders and just now as I am typing at spider ran across the table behind the computer but I try to keep things that I need close so I just reached for my fly swatter hanging close by and got him before he got away. Is there anyone else who does not like spiders? I guess I will have to go buy that Ortho Defense spray that you put along the outside windows and base board inside to keep bugs out. There again is another thing I never had to worry about because my better half used to take care of that for me. I can see I was spoiled being loved and cared for.

I am trying to get back to oil painting again. I started to do another lighthouse on the waterline to nowhere in particular. I seems as though I forgot quite a bit about painting with oils. I gave all my paintings to my girls when I moved here to asmaller space and they took pictures of them for me and here is one I did many years ago.

I will keep you posted as to how I am doing, so until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter.


  1. I very much appreciate what you shared in this post. Your Grandson is a blessing to you and although your son has let you down in a very bad way, i can tell you love him dearly.He alone is accountable for his choices and actions and maybe he will one day realize he made a seriously rotten choice and apologize~

    I too am very afraid of spiders and knowing one is loose nearby inside the house bothers me a lot.

    Your painting is beautiful and worthy of being hung in a very nice home, hopefully your daughters'?

    I enjoy reading your posts Immigrant Daughter.

  2. Mom,
    I have that lighthouse picture hanging up at home. It is one of my favorite paintings of yours. I too am saddened by the choices your son has made but his only hope is to reach the same place the prodigal did and repent - only then will he find peace and freedom. The Nationals are next week and I will keep you posted on Ds progress.
    Love, K

  3. I detest spiders myself--and the fly swatter is a good weapon against them--that is what I use. Unless they are very small spiders, I just ignore them. However, I do tell that they are not allowed in the house--then, WHAM! Okay, enough on spiders. Your oil painting is very nice, Grandma Moses comes to mind. What do you think? Maybe a new career for you at this time in your life? As always, I enjoy your writings.

  4. Hi Immigrant Daughter, That is one tall grandson you have there, and how interesting it is to hear of people still loving the wilderness as he does. I love your oil painting, infact out of all the painting styles, I love oils the best. My lot love the car racing as well. Whenever I hear the roar of the cars, I grab my knitting and run!! Ha Ha. Kind regards, Anita.