Thursday, June 10, 2010


There was a time when it didn’t matter to me what day it was or the hour. But I have to mention I want time to pass quickly these first two weeks in June. My sister Electra is coming to stay a month and I am excited because June is our month and this will be the first time in a long time that we will be together with no schedule to rush us anywhere. I am so looking forward to her visit. She will arrive on the 14th of June any stay until July 21st. Someone asked won’t you get tired of having company that long. I said you don’t tire of family. Because if something is not quite right you can say so and correct it before feelings are hurt. There is nothing like a bond between sisters. I am truly blessed having a sister like Electra.

I want to add here that it still doesn’t matter what day or time it is I just know that I am older and really don’t have any one to worry about but me and sometimes that scares me a little. My DIL calls me every morning to make sure I am awake and more often than not I am. Sometimes I wish I could sleep later but my body just doesn’t let me. My daughters call often one of them at least every other day in the evening.

I have a picture of my two sisters that are living and they are seven and eight years older than I am. Out of six of us three of us are left. My oldest sister and her husband live close by my sister who is coming to visit this month and she called me the other day sounding down in the dumps. She told me she calls me because she knows I won’t let her stay that way because I won’t listen to her complaining. I keep telling her she has lots to be thankful for she and her husband are alive these many years together. They have two boys one living in the same town and the other a couple hours away. The one takes such good care of them and is always putting them first even though his mother gives him a hard time. I call him often to get the scoop on my sister. Her personality is hyper all the time and sometimes it causes problems because she can’t remember what she has said.

I miss not being able to cut my grass I will be happy when I can move about more freely. My hip is healed but balance is still beyond my reach. I can drive well enough and have the sense to stay off the streets at the busiest times. I hope the car wash will be open today when I am in town because my car is so dirty on the outside. That’s another thing my honey use to keep up by taking it through the car wash regularly. You know the more I talk about life in general the more I realize how many things we did together. I then realize I need to wake up and take charge of my day because if I don’t life will just pass me by and I will get nothing done.

I am trying to arrange some projects my sister and I can do together. I love to do puzzles and can pick one for us. It has to fit on a card table 30 x 30 otherwise I won’t be able to leave it up. Usually 1000 piece will fit. My granddaughter bought me one that I couldn’t keep because it was bigger than any place I had. Does anyone else like to do puzzles? I did take a picture or two of the ones I finished. Carl and I took a trip to Lake Powell and I purchased a puzzle and after I patiently struggled putting it together 2 pieces were missing. That can be frustrating when I wrote the makers of the puzzle they just sent me a new one. It’s been long enough in time so I can now attempt to start that one. It will bring back many fond memories of the trip and places we went.

It is 92 degrees today and there is a nice breeze. When I got back from going to the doctor to pick up a script for this cough and whatever is making noises in my chest the dogs were waiting under the porch just to come in where it is cool on my floor. They are both stretched out right by my feet in the passageway where I couldn’t make a move without them knowing about. I am always amazed at the size of the small dog’s bladder. When I move to get up or the next room I have to make a bathroom stop. I use to imagine the dogs had to go too. I put them outside and they sit near the door never getting off the porch just looking at the door and just waiting to come back in. Animals are amazing.

We always tried to have the family together for Thanksgiving whenever we lived close enough to the kids. Carl and I never insisted they spend Christmas with us because they have another side to consider. So it may it easier if they could spend Thanksgiving with us. The last one they spent with us was while we stilled lived in Indiana. I had them all together and we made a trip to the mall and had a picture taken. The photographer said He never took a group picture of 15 and said we willbe scrunched together and I said that is okay just as long as we are all in it. The only goof was I wanted a blue background and trying to get us all to fit the backdrop turned the dark falling down over the blue curtain.
But I can see all the faces and that is what was important. I enjoy looking at that picture often and remember what a good time we had. I never had another opportunity to have them all together again.

Later I will tell you of our 25th and 50th anniversaries but there was always someone missing. Until then I am Immigrant Daughter.

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