Monday, October 11, 2010

Immigrant Daughter 57

I want to tell you more of my life with the Love of my life. It seems to me that Lives being displayed whether on the TV or newscasts just the despicable ones are shown because that is what people  want to hear. I am sure there are many of you reading this are not in that group. If I am watching a movie  and the story is good if at any point two unmarried people jump in bed it goes off. I don’t care how good the story is. I guess you would consider me a prude.

dancingwiththestars I watched the next Dancing With The Stars and the star I did not like was sent packing and I am glad others did not like her either.

I worked for an Insurance Company in Dallas and had a nice job where all the secretaries desks were lined up out in the hallway. The picture below is of the building.   The managers offices were small just be enough for him and a client.

My job included two managers. I had only met the one who hired me. He was respectful and did not use bad language, but the other 0ne use to parade down the hall stopping at the sectaries' along the way telling off color jokes. The first time he stopped at my desk he southland found out I was not interested in any thing he had to say and if he didn’t have any work for me to just stay away because I wasn’t  there to be insulted. He thought because he was handicapped with a shriveled up leg he could say anything and spoke loud enough so everybody could hear him and said boy stay away from CM’ desk. I mentioned to my other boss if it didn’t improve with the bad language and off co9lor jokes I would have to leave. What ever was said to the man it certainly changed the atmosphere there.

Everyone had the same lunch hour because they offer a reduced enchilada cost lunch in their own cafeteria which was delicious. It was there that I had my first taste if a cheese enchilada. They made the standard so high that I have never found any as good as those.

The ladies sat in small groups of friends and people they worked with.  Most time I would eat and leave to walk the rest of the hour. If the weather was yucky I stayed and talked, but mostly listened. I have never heard so many complaints about husbands as I did here. Women spoke freely of  very private things done in their bedrooms, and some not too kindly about their husbands. It was like an on going saga of  “Peyton Place” because they all joined in. Then one day one lady said C. you have said nothing all this time about your husband. I said you are right because comparing my husband to all of yours, after God made C he must have thrown the mold away. And another thing what goes on in our house is private and not for discussion. I have to say when I did eat lunchladies-at-lunch with them again they curtailed the complaints about their husbands and started to tell some amusing stories about family get together. They did get to meet C because he came in after work to pick me up so we could go up to their Tiki Bar on the 30th floor to have a drink and supper. It was a nice place to bring guests. My kids tell me they remembered the place,

Again I say there isn’t any place we have lived that we didn’t like and I wouldtexoma say Dallas ranked high on the list. At that time I would have to say Dallas was so spread out and easy to get about because the LBJ Freeway went around the city making a complete circle. We lived at the top of the circle and I worked at the bottom of the circle. The new airport was close to us so C could get in and  out of Dallas easily. We thoroughly enjoyed our live there. C bought a boat that we put on Lake Texoma  It was called that because it was on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. The lake is so big we never did get to the Oklahoma side.

The house we purchased was a Tudor type  with an upstairs anddallas house for us this  was certainly different.  But it had a big room C used as an office on the first floor and made his work at home more enjoyable. The thing I remember most about this house the lady who had this house before us loved yellow. Everything was yellow outside and inside. It was a cheerful house and I liked it. I have mentioned before between the military moving us and C’ company moving us that we lived in so many houses I really am having fun remembering them. This house  had a small kitchen with an extra large dining area attached to the kitchen area. Our animals loved the space because they had run of the whole house.

One night we had C’s boss over for spaghetti and meat balls. When he was finished eating we had to take him to the motel. I just rinsed and stacked the dished putting them on the counter. I put the left over spaghetti in a bowl and left it on the counter surrounded by the cups and glasses because it was too warm for the fridge and we we were coming right back.  Our animals never lacked for food but the smell must have been overwhelming because when we returned the bowl was on the floor and the spaghetti  was all gone. Our dogs did not greet us as usual because their tummies were bulging. C and I had to mop the floor before going to bed. I did the dishes and he mopped the floor.

There incidents about all of them that I hope I am not boring you with my memory of them. I don’t get too many responses but I guess it’s just me enjoying my memory of them and the man I shared them with. So until next  time, I am Immigrant Daughter


  1. I had to come back and comment about how well I recall the Tiki Bar! They had the best Chi-Chi's - all coconutty. I also remember Texoma and your dog, Sandy, in her life vest! C

  2. I love remembering our previous homes. In recalling events, I can feel their spaces around me, smell their smells, hear their sounds. Right now, we're in the process of moving to a new home, and it is churning up a lot of memories.

  3. I read and enjoy your stories. Just know many of us read and don't comment but we are here and we like the small visits with you. You touch my heart with heartwarming snips of your life.

  4. I love your blog, your memories, how you share honestly and sincerely. Good for you for standing up to that nasty man at your work! Times sure were different, weren't they. God not only broke the mold after he made Carl, He also broke the mold after He made you! You are a neat lady!