Friday, October 22, 2010

Immigrant Daughter 58

One night about the time I go to bed a large water bug that looks like a giant cocka roach invaded my kitchen, I went for the bug spray and fly swatter.  I then realized my fly swatter was so small compared to this monster and thought for a moment I was in Guam because this is what greeted me one morning. I forget to mention this was on the counter in front of the toaster oven, I must have used a half can of the bug spray.

raidfly swatter

Well this monster ran under each item on the counter until it ran under the microwave which is on the end. I managed to knock it on the floor between the frig and the counter. Again I used more spray and sat down at the table and waited. In about five minutes a groggy bug comes out and by the time I made it to my feet it ran back under the frig. This time I got the broom and waited and again it came out for air because of all my spray.broom The broom came down so fast on that bug and I held it until I could get closer to step on it. When I heard a snap I knew I got it. Let me tell you I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I hadn’t killed it.  I emailed my DIL and told her I almost called her to come and help but knew she was sleeping and didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Surely I can kill a water roach.

I sure miss my honey saving me from such chores, In Guam the bugs were big but I never worried about such things because Carl was always there and I was younger and could move faster than I do now. Does anyone else dislike spiders and bugs as much as I do?

My trailer is only 16 months old and the dirt is only mine so you can see I was a bit taken back when I saw it. Every area  of the country has it share of undesirable bugs. I remember in Guam and California we had to cope with scorpions and crickets. In Arkansas its the brown recluse spider and the black widow.  Isn’t God wonderful that he takes care of his children of any age.

It been at least a week since I have been on the computer to complete this post. I will try to finish it and get on with other things. I have a painting started and I am doing a 1000 piece puzzle just to keep busy.

I had to prepare the lawn tractor for winter and made a trip to Home Depot to purchase Staybil for the gas tank this way I don’t have to worry about the tractor not having a permanent cover. Oh I have a mower cover but that won’t protect liquid from freezing. I know gasoline won’t freeze but the condensation from climate change in the mower gas tank will . I am sure glad Carl was patient and taught me many of the things I need to know now without him.  Our anniversary date just passed making me a bit sad that I am not with him walking on the streets of gold with our Lord.

We are not into our winter as yet so sitting out on the porch with the dogs is a treat for me and them because they know they will get a goody. I took out two pieces of bologna and the Sheltie just swallowed it whole but the Belgium Milionis took it and carried it off the porch and dropped it to lick. As soon as the Sheltie  got too close he just swallowed it whole. I think I am going to take a trip to the dog pound to get a small mutt to have inside. I do miss not having a pet. I thought I would just share Cindy's but when the day is over and they realize she is about due home they want to go out so they don’t miss her. It never ceases to amaze me how attached animals get to our schedules.

I can remember when Carl was due home our dog use to wait on the door stoop just so she could be first to greet him. I already mentioned the Cocker Spaniel “Missy” who adopted Kim’s  bed as her night time sleeping place. Pets are family members as far as I am concerned.

This is where Missy should be sleeping:

 missy oin baskey


kim amd missy

When we chose to live in Muncie, Indiana there was a pet shop that will be remember by by me until my dying day. It really was striking how they advertised their store. They had a large hippopotamus out in front on the sidewalk painted purple that was as large as small car. It was used for many things. The parents use to put their kids on it and take pictures and grownups used it for giving directions because it was on the main drag and you hippo really couldn’t miss it.  It was a fun thing to see and it reminded me of several large cement animals we have seen in different parts of the country. There is a large elephant at the Jersey Shore all decked out that people could climb up for pictures and in the mid west there was a huge Mother Goose that that displayed some of her rhymes.  Also there was a large shoe that the old women lived in that sold cookies and candy. The nursery rhyme themes were easy to copy and everybody enjoyed them. Do kids even hear nursery rhymes anymore? I know the comics in the papers aren’t funny to me in fact they are gross. It seems like the more ugly the better is tolerated. 

I am concerned as to what is ahead for the future children because they are not allowed to be children. I read Stickhorse today and she hit the nail on the head that children are not made to read a book or just have discussions at supper time or even just some quiet time without the TV or computer. They really do need to use their imagination.

I hope I haven’t bored you silly but this nation needs to get back to basics to help the children realize the important things they need don’t come in boxes. Until next time, I am Immigrant Daughter


  1. Gggrrrross! So glad you were able to do it in and get some peace of mind. I grew up on the gulf coast, and the roaches were a part of life, and they could fly. {{shiver}}

    Here in central Texas we have scorpions. At least they move a little slower, because I move a little slower these days too. :)

  2. I'm impressed you were able to step on him -- I can't stand the "crunch" sound. Good for you! :)

  3. I also detest bugs and spiders. If the spiders are tiny, they're not so bad, but still, they aren't allowed to live in my house. Have never had a cockroack or water bug in my house, my husband makes sure to seal all sorts of cracks around the foundation that they could use for entrance. My husband would step on a bug without hesitation---not me, I've got to use that fly-swatter. Glad you got that disgusting bug. I enjoyed your post. About Carl and how he took care of all those sorts of things---I know what you mean. My husband takes care of so many things, big and small. It really takes a load off my mind. And I can tell it is the Lord blessing me, because we don't have the extra money to hire someone to do all sorts of repairs, etc. so God gave me a husband that can do these sorts of things--'free'. He even fixed our car--the car had been to the mechanic 2 or 3 times and still not fixed (which we discoved to our dismay while on a trip). My husband replaced the radiator and other things and FINALLY--the car was fixed! Praise God! Sorry to ramble on.