Monday, September 6, 2010


I think I have a keyboard that is giving up the ghost. It does its own thing, it will not make capital letters when I want it to. When I went to bed last night I had a thought I didn’t jot down and it seems like now I am not writing what I truly intended.

Family is so important and it is disturbing to see that the emphasis is to be alone these days. As a family you learn so much from each other.

I mentioned growing up in a family that like to sing. I remember songs that told stories. When I was dating my husband I can remember the love songs I sang to him because it was so easy to do. The words in the song said what I really wanted to say only I could sing them.

When you are young everything is a crisis. When Carl had to work I can remember singing to myself a song “ All alone by the telephone waiting for the ring  a tingle ling, and the rest of the words were just as apropos. Now everyone carries a phone. Did you ever feel lost yet you were surrounded by people. That is the way I feel sometimes with all the easy to carry telephones and no matter where you are someone is talking on the phone.

People do not even realize they are being rude when they carry on conversations where they can be heard by anyone in the vicinity. What in the world can be so important to tell someone that you just left a few minutes ago. Oh I realize people use it in a way for their work but I think it has gotten to be a habit of talking all the time. Sitting quit is a lost art. Maybe we should instill a time out chair.

When you wanted children quiet did you use a time out cchair_timeouthair I don’t mean a room because they can go play in their room and not be still. I don’t  think a computer allows a child’s mind to be quiet in fact I think it keeps it going at a whirlwind pace. I know at this age I get overwhelmed as to what I can learn and sometimes without even trying. With all these amazing tools at our fingertips.

It use to be you could tell what someone did when you saw the tools of his trade. Now between telephones and computers its a good guess. Carl had an aunt who was a genealogist and I remember her saying the computer seem to put books at her fingertips making it easier to trace people’ heritage. It was amazing what she turned up for Carl who was told a lie about his parents while growing up. The Law thank goodness was changed about not telling orphans about their parents.  Opening up the books allowed for many a family to be found  for the child later in life.

My DIL has mentioned some heart wrenching stories about divorcing parents and how the kids are used as pawns. Where is until the death do us part?  They are so self centered that they only think pleasures for themselves. They bring kids into the world and think nothing of discarding them. I think this is sad.

I was talking to a teacher at a church function about the school where she teaches. They are trying to get the parent or parents involved in their progress at school so they can give home support. It was a surprise to me to hear they do not teach penmanship in school. It seems that children learn on the computer keyboard quicker than they can from a book. Even in the younger grades they have these tools in easier programs. In my wildest guess I cannot imagine what can be introduced as some thing new to the next generation.

Something that I use is a cane and even those come in various shapes and sizes. They are not just a plain straight stick any more they have double crooks so you can rest your elbow. Some collapse so you can put in a large purse and come in all colors.

 cane cane 2

When my sister came to visit me she came without her cane morris-walking-stick-lgbecause it was and old wooded crook that she thought they wouldn’t let her take aboard the plane. Of course that’s nonsense  so we made sure she had a collapsible one going home. I see looking over what I wrote it is a mishmash of thoughts.

But I must say I feel great and so thankful I can use this new tool God had given me to write with and especially thankful to you who read it. Until Next time I am Immigrant Daughter from way down yonder. 

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  1. And we are thankful that you share your stories!