Tuesday, September 21, 2010


emergency The days seem to pass so quickly.  I know I said that before, but being alive was brought close to home this past week.  I received an e mail about a young lady who was on staff at our church who just dropped dead at home.  Her husband called 911 and when they got there she was unconscious.  By the time thy got to the hospital she was dead.  They have  not determined cause of death.  This young lady had three children at home and a husband.  It hit me: Why, Lord?

She was active in children’s ministry.  As I understand it, she balanced her life with husband and children with her work at the church and home.  Such a sad day!  I happened to wonder why the lord would allow this and leave me, an 80-year-old who has lived a full life and who is now living alone because her husband of 58 years has passed on.  I was left behind, so I asked the Lord, “Why her, and not me?”  These children are left to grow up without a mother.

Both of my girls bawled me out and told me I was needed and not just existing, as I had said.

I went out to go to the post office today and my car would not car key start.  The car key inserted in the lock would not turn.  I could not shift it.  It just stayed put without a sound, so I stopped trying to start it and came inside and called the Honda repair service.  They told me to use my second key and, sure enough, it started right up.  No one had a good explanation as to why just changing keys worked.

I love to do puzzles because it helps hand and eye coordination jigsawpuzzle for me and helps to keep my mind busy.  My DIL saw this particular puzzle and said “Better you than me!” The hardest part of doing any puzzle is the separating of the pieces by color, and this one is difficult because it is a bookcase full of books.  The titles are humouse because they changed them to be funny, like “Lord of the pies,” and “Posy Girl.” 

Here is a picture of my puzzle.  The colors of the book covers have little humorous characters on them.  It is like a fairy tale in pictures.  I can only do puzzles that will fit on my card table so puzzlescan that means they can’t be more than 30 by 30 inches and they are usually 1000 pieces of under.

I separate the pieces and put the different colors in box lids so I can work on different sections.  To me, it is relaxing and time consuming and helps pass the time.

I am also reading a book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas that is intriguing.  I usually watch mysteries or police shows and hope they make this into a movie, because  this book is about a man putting God first in all his decisions.  He is a young man in the Hitler time in Germany, and his life reads like a  movie.

I remebonhoeffermber when I was in school, the only books I read were the ones assigned as must-reading for the class.  I have grown into a person who likes to read, especially mysteries, who donits and police stories.   I especially like books such as by Tom Clancy.

I am ashamed to say that Carl tried many times tried to get me to read because he used to like to read and he was a fast reader.  Me, I am a slow reader.  I can read something and have to read it over again to understand it.  I do know my limitations and reading details is low on my list.  When you buy something and have to put together a good thing for me is that they put pictures in the directions.

I went to my second session therapy for getting muscles ilegpressn my hi p and leg flexible so that I can walk better than I do.  I have heard many stories about hip replacements and all I can say is mine was the pits!

Until next time I am a very sore Immigrant Daughter.

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  1. Whenever I question, I TRY (not always successfully) to remember that our times are in His hands.
    How strange--just the other day my eye caught that book cover (Bonhoeffer) at Barnes & Noble and I thought that I must read it!!